030817: We’re Celebrating our 17th Year of Kanikapila This Friday At The Elks!

BOT: Aloha Everyone, Yes, that’s right, this Friday will be our 17th Year of Friday Night Kanikapila and we’ll be celebrating it at the Elks, who will also be holding the following fundraiser . . . Menu for this Friday is: Kalua Pork BBQ Chicken Rice Mac Salad Salad Dessert? $15 (All proceeds go to fund Coleman PTO. Which pays for their music program.)  Click below for the images from the Campbell Hall Kanikapila last Friday . . . Saturday Kanikapila will be held at the UFOHQ. 2-4pm. BYOBeverages and Snacks . . . click below for photo album from last week’s Kani . . . UkEkU brief moments of life, endless book of memories, forever recalled . . . Hope to see you folks this Friday. Take Care All! -=SqL+Nohea+Jaik+Jake=-
“He’s just here for the winter . . . really.”

030117-We’re at Campbell Hall this Friday!

BOT: Aloha Everyone, Finally, a day in the Sun and quite literally! Actually, more like DayS in the Sun. I hope everyone has dried out, and doing much better. I understand that mean cold is still making its rounds, but having the Sun back should help. We’re in Sausalito, at the Campbell Hall this Friday, 6:30-9ish, BYKauKau (aka Potluck) healthy main dishes if possible, BYOGear, we’re good for Chairs. Mahalo to Reverend Chip for inviting us in once again. We’ll be at the UFOHQ this Saturday 2p-4p. BYOBS (Beverages and Snacks), BYOMusicStands, we’re good for chairs. Also, Rev. Chip mentions that this Saturday, March 4th, they will be having a Wine Tasting Even from Boutique Wineries around the world, with cheese pairings, art displays and music. It’s $40 for all the wine tasting you can taste? If you’re interested please see Rev. Chip this Friday to purchase a ticket and for details. We had pretty busy weekend last week and here are the images from those events . . . Click here for the Friday Night Kanikapila. Click here for the Sonoma Valley Kanikapila. Click here for Miki Maui’s Big 6-Oh-Noooooo! On behalf of Nohea and myself, we would like say Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that have supported us through the rains, floods, strained bodies and the ups and downs of Home Moaner-ship. You all helped soften the blow, and gave us the strength to keep the Kanikapila(s) going. uKeKu wandering winds blow, warm indigo night shimmers, a soft touch beckons. Take Care All, -=SqL+Nohea+Jake-zilla=-
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“Watch it Bub! No one steps on a building in my town!”