070820: Vanikapila Umi kūmākolu (#13)


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Here we are sliding down another hump day to another Saturday Vanikapila. Vanikapila #13 that is.

We had such a good turn out of OK-ers (Outdoor Kanikapila-ers) last week that we’ve decided to change the time from noon to 11am-1pm. To provide a little more “Shade Time” for the OK-ers. Again, if you’re interested in attending as an UFOhana OK-er, please email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws ASAP as we are limiting the number of attendees for COVID safety.

Remember, First to Email, First to RSVP, No Mask, No Strum.

Click below for this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Remember we’re on from 11am – 1pm this Saturday!

Mahalo Nui Loa to Wally for assisting with setup and to all our generous donors for making our Outdoor Kanikapila possible.

Click above to view online album of OK-ers, Site Construction and other stuffs.

Below, the latest dress and mask fashions at Nohea’s. For inquireis text Nohea (Linda) at 415-572-1175. Mahalo.

Here’s an interesting Ukulele Artifact I found on the Internet from some guy named Keoki Harrison . . .

Pretty cool huh?

a roaring whisper,
graceful but fragile beauty,
a strength from within.

Take Care, Be Well and Be Safe,

Aloha A Hui Hou,


1 ana 2 ana 3 ana . . . in the chilly hours and minutes . . . .


063020: Vanikapila ʻUmi kūmālua (#12)


Aloha UFOhana,

It’s Tuesday and we’re well on our way to Vanikapila #12. A little hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for 3 months now. Mahalo Nui to all of you that have supported us through our growing process. More to come.

Below, the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila. Remember we’re on at 12 noon now instead of 2pm.

Last week we tried having a few Social Distanced Ukulele Pilots participate in an Outdoor Kanikapila in our back yard. Judging from their reactions below it seems that the test was a success.

You may notice that there’s a little more sun than expected. I’m hoping install some shade cloth this Friday to more some shade for our SDUP’s (Socially Distanced Ukulele Pilots). Please let me know if you’d be interested attending this week as an Outdoor Kanikapila-er. Space is limited, so send an email to Kaleikoa@piko.ws asap to rsvp.

You may have also noticed that all of the OK-ers were wearing masks. If you will be attending please wear one as well. Oh, btw, if you’re looking to add some new ones to your collection here’s a sample of Nohea’s latest models . . .

They’re going quick. Put your order in now at 415-572-1175.

Below, images from Studio K’ULU.

I had to build a makeshift stairway into the back to make it a little more accessible.
View from back corner of the yard. Outdoor Kanikapila space is on the left and entry is to the right.

dawn creeps on dead leaves,
sunlight punctuates shadows,
morning comes swiftly.

Again, Mahalo Nui to you all for helping keep UFOhana Vanikapila alive. Hope to see you folks online this Saturday.

Aloha A Hui Hou!


Don’t forget your mask if you’re playing with us in the backyard! Pakaaak!