071424: Vanikapila 23.24


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Btw, if this web page is not be displaying correctly in your email, go to https://UFOhana.org to view it on your browser.

I know it been a little while since we had one. So this week we are having not one but two Vani/Kanikapilas!

One this Saturday at our usual time, click here to register for it and the second in Napa, Sunday, remember?

If you don’t check out our events page here for details on the Sunday Napa Kani at the Hamiltons Hale.

I’ll be live streaming our Saturday event, as usual, click below this Saturday to join via Cyber/Coconut Wireless.

The Sunday Mini Porchfest thing is IRL only.

For those of you who missed the Slackers Backyard Napa Concert, clilck below to view photos from that event.

We had a special guest from Kula, Maui, Shem. A talented guitarist and vocalist, complete with falsetto! Along with Ken and Kimo amazing talent, Shem’s amazing falsettos and the beautiful weather it was truly a magical afternoon. Oh, and the kaukau wasn’t too bad either!

Mahalo nui to Carolyn, Ken and Kimo for hosting the event. More to come, we hope.

On a more serious note, we have members of our ‘Ohana that are recovering from illnesses.

Please send your Healing Mana and Aloha to Joe Tato and Emily (Lois’ daughter) to help them to a speedy recovery.

Malama Pono Joe and Emily.


don’t know how or when,
a gift is given to one,
to share with many.

Calling it a night. The heat and working in the garage has beat me down, hoping to dig out enough to park A car there.

Mahalo iā ʻoukou a pau, thank you all, for sharing your Aloha and support with Nohea, myself and your ‘Ohana.


“Putting this all back in the garage and a car? N-e-e-e-eow don’t think so!”


070624: Marin County Fair


Alooooha UFOhana,

Mahalo niu loa to those of you that attended the Fair today and made it such a fun event! Nohea mentioned that there very postive comments from the audience. I guess you could say we did “Make A Splash” after all.

For those of you that missed it, here are the photos, courtesy of Nohea and Linda Kool-Vannasy.

A big Mahalo to Ken Emerson for sharing his kīkā paheʻe (slide guitar) talents with us today and always, Sandy for giving the UFOhana it’s heart beat.

And a mahalo to the Marin County Fair Community Stage Support crew, Kevin, Dalton and Tara. You guys were the best!

Speaking of Ken Emerson, don’t forget about their Slackers Napa Back Yard Concert next week. Not to say he’s desperate but . . .

. . . I think we’d better show up for Kimo’s sake and Kolohe’s (Ken) sanity.

You can register for this or other events on our UFOhana Events Page. Of course this means we won’t be at Vendola Cafe this Saturday either.

Sending this from my man cave, trying to keep cool. But I think my swap cooler is running low on swap water. So I’ll end it here.

Btw, congrats on Ethan for winning 1st place with his cool painted surf board!


‘ohana gathers,
mana wave begins to crest,
drenching all in joy.

Aloha a hui hou,


Hana hou! Hana Hou!