011620: Ua hoi hou ka Ao


Aloha UFOhana,

The Rain Is Back! Hope it’s not doing too much damage in your area(s), we certainly can use it (in small doses at a time). Thankfully Nohea was able to tear down all of our Christmas e-Topiaries and we were able to stow the last evidence of Christmas away in her She (X-mas) Shed.

Stay tuned for the return of “The Pickle” and even better pickle finding bounties! Remember, “Think out of The Jar.” Thinking inward . . .

On behalf of Nohea, Jake and The SqL, Mahalo Nui to you all for making our past Holidays so joyful and fun filled. Also for sending your positive Mana and Aloha out to Marty Koc, who is recovering quite well I’m told.

So I’ve updated the events calendar through the end of the month. Can you believe we’re half way through January already?

Click the following link to view our events calendar:


Please don’t forget to register if you want us to save a seat for you. If not we’ll find one for you when you get here.

Click the Image below to view images from last Friday’s Elks Lodge Kanikapila.

Soldiers of the Go For Broke! 442nd. Note their weapon of mass construction.

Click below to view images from last Saturday’s UFOHQ Kani.

That’s George Benson on the Ukulele.


Through the darkness shines,
A shrouded shimmering pearl,
La Luna Bella.

E mālama i nā kānaka āpau,


Image result for tuxedo cat hawaiian


010720: Week 2 Kanikapila


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Well here we are at the 2nd week of the year, which means we’re at the 1st Kanikapila at the San Rafael Elks Lodge. Check out our events calendar at https://UFOhana.org/events for details.

Technically, this Friday will be our 4th Kanikapila of the year. The third being at the California Academy of Sciences.

Mahalo to the Away Team that participated at the CAS Event and filled it so much fun and Aloha. Such a joy having Lynnette and her Keikis participating.

Kyle, our CAS contact, was very impressed and even participated in our In A Canoe Hula Lesson.

What better way to start our New Year? It’s this ʻUhane (spirit) of our Ohana that makes all the effort so worthwhile.

Click below to view the shared album, if you have photos from that day you’d like to share, please feel free to upload them to the album.

Last Friday we had our first Kanikapila of the year the Campbell Hall. Click below for images from that night . . .

. . . and our second kanikapila the following day at the UFOHQ . . .


Gray days lay ahead,
Onward we move with purpose,
With hope in our hearts.

Until Friday UFOhana!

Malama Pono Ka Kou,


Happy Birthday Nohea . . .