060120: Vanikapila ʻEwalu (#8)


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou,

I hope you’re all keeping safe and maintaining your sanity through all the madness going on in our ‘Aina at the moment.

It’s so sad that so many see this as an opportunity to wreak havoc for all the wrong reasons under the guise of our right to “peaceful” protest. What’s even sadder is listening to the comments of those that justify this violence. Including the vandalism, which made me think of something we saw on our Hawai’i trip last year. Instead of vandalizing a wall with a spray paint they did this . . .

A “Healing W.A.L.L” on the empty side of the local Pearl city Foodland Grocery Store, filled with sticky note messages that was once full of graffiti . . . brilliant! If you’re ever on O’ahu stop by and read the messages. Many are very poetic and heartfelt messages to loved ones who have passed on. Foodland is a major meeting hub for the local community a perfect place for this.
  • Healing W.A.L.L. (With Aloha Love Lives)
  • Nohea’s message in the center, from the UFOhana

I was just thinking about how ironic it is that it’s only during the looting you see almost everyone wearing a face mask. Somethings never change . . . please, hoʻomaluhia kakou and keep Aloha in our hearts.

Mahalo nui kakou for your support and attendance last week. Also, to our Studio Musicians Lynnette “Lineke” Boosey, Ted “The Hair” Meister, Rick “The Ripper” Creelman and Sandy “The Bass Commander” Bailey.

Saturday, was a little trying as I had catastrophic equipment failure just 10 minutes before going live. Luckily I had enough spare gear to reassemble a (somewhat) working system. Sorry for the delay.

I know there was comment about sound issues. Please keep in mind that it’s not easy for me, during the gig, to stop everything and start diagnosing issues that aren’t obvious on our end. Also, that we don’t hear exactly what your hear on your side and that unless everyone is reporting the same issue, consider that it may be something on your end.

That said, know that I do look into possible causes after the event. Last week I spent 3 hours diagnosing a bad echo that was reported. Though it’s not obvious in the recording from last week I did find possible causes and made adjustments. Hoping for the best this coming Saturday. Thanks for your feedback and for sticking with us.

So this week we’re onto Vanikapila number 8. Has it been two months already? Click below, the link to the upcoming event.

Click above this coming Saturday and kanikapila with us!

Last week’s images . . .

Middle row, images from old Hawai’i. Bottom row, just old . . .


anger becomes hate,
sadness as hope fades away,
like tears from a star . . .

Malama Pono Each Other, pass it on!

Me ke aloha pumehana,


Will somebody please buy these masks so I get my table back?
Jake needs his table back . . . please kokua . . . Mahalo!


052720: Vanikapila ʻehiku (#7)


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

I hope you’re all surviving the heatwave. At least we may be on the tail end of the blistering temperatures. Good thing “Global Warming” is myth huh? Btw, has anyone noticed there’s green ice in Antarctica now?

On a more pleasant note, we’re about half way to our 7th Saturday Vanikapila. The heat has dried the carpet, Sandy has cleaned all the windows (Mahalo Sandy!) and UFOHQ is prepped for its not too distant re-opening (hopefully). In the meantime we will continue moving forward with our Vanikapila Sessions. We hope you stick with us.

Mahalo nui to Rick and Ted for lending us their musical talents last week. To Sandy for being our heartbeat and for Nohea for all the support she gives me and the Crew. A special Mahalo to Kathy Zenz and Cindy Meigs for your donations, much appreciated! I bought a longer USB cable so we can push back the WebCam to include our Studio Guests. And of course, Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that took time to join in!

I know that some of you out there were curious about Ted’s hair so here it is . . .

I’m envious . . .

Below is the link for this Saturday’s upcoming Vanikapila.

Click above to view the Vanikapila this Saturday.

And for those of you still in need of masks. Please take note of Nohea’s collection below.

Below images from last week’s Vanikapila.

Prepping studio K’ulu.
  • Sanitizing the gear.
  • View from the Cockpit.
  • Rick jacked in.
  • Ted and his hair all suited up!
  • Pilot and co-pilot.
  • A load of PPE ready for delivery.
  • Left Harmonica, check.
  • Right Harmonica, check.
Hey, did you hear that? I think it’s Three Little Birds! Ok, maybe just two.
Monday morning after, waiting for the Carpet to dry.


briefly we connect,
melodies unfold in space,
then it’s time to go.

I have some sad news. Stan Heins, long time friend of Pauline and dear friend of the UFOhana passed this past Monday. He lost his long battle with his illness, but during that time he remained very kind, soft spoken, generous, witty and courageous man. You would often see him sitting quietly among the Ukulele Madness, tapping his foot, just smiling and enjoying the music and hula. Mahalo to Pauline for sharing Stan with our Ohana, our hearts and Aloha go out to you.

Aloha Oe Stan! We will miss you.

Pauline and Stan at a Saturday Kanikapila.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


D’jango here, Jake’s off today. Remember to wear ’em!
What? You didn’t bring an Ukulele?