Saturday Kanikapila

Hey, everyone. For future reference, kanikapila is a Hawaiian word for basically a jam session (for us with ukuleles). Every Saturday this ukulele group I’m in has a really fun kanikapila from 2:00-4:00 and it would be great if you guys would like to come sometime! If you want information on everything that happens with this group you can look on the left black column on this website and find where it says “Subscribe to UFOHANA Blog Via Email.” You can put your email in there and you’ll get weekly updates on everything we do in that group. Sometimes the location of our kanikapilas change so you have to make sure you stay on top of it! You can also always ask me because I know. If you’d like to come you can email me at for the address or with any other questions you may have. I try to go every Saturday so just know that you’ll always have me to sit next to! I also encourage you guys to comment on this post and you can figure out who is going or not so you know what familiar faces to look for! Everyone there is super nice!

-Madison Sneath

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    1. I just entered your email in the subscription link on the home page. You should receive a confirmation email, make sure you approve it.

    1. Ron, It’s more about sharing/making Aloha than one’s Ukulele Skills. Life’s too short . . . Aloha, Del

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