040520: Week Tree Shelta In Da Kine!


Aloha UFOhana,

Hope this finds you all well and securely SIP’ed (Sheltered In Place). Nohea, Jake and I are all doing fine. I’m getting caught up with cleaning chores. Helped Faith Ako setup her music blog / music store just in time for the release of her newest and probably last album “Ku’u ‘Aina Aloha”. Available for purchase on her site now. Click here to view her new Music Store. Please do drop in and help support our local Hawaiian Artists.

Nohea and I have been listening to alot of Hawaiian Music online of late at Hawaiian Music Live and Aloha Joe (.com) through our Logitech SqueezeBox. Sort of a “Radio” for the Internet. It’s no longer available but you can still listen in by downloading the “TuneIn” app for your device. Run it and search for “Hawaiian Music Live” and “Aloha Joe”. It’s nice to have a window into what going on in Hawai’i, not just musically, but indirectly through their commentary between songs, news about the happenings back home . . . LIVE. Plus I get a kick out of listening to the local advertisers, like Zippy’s, Don Quijote (a Japanese chain store like Walmart), etc.

The other day Steve Espaniola was on live . . .

I’m listening to Hoku (below) as I’m typing this. Very good quality . . . whups spoke too soon! I think I heard him drop his iPad that was driving the whole thing. Anyway, events like that add a really nice feeling the performance. It feels like there’s a live person at the other end of that internet connection . . . ok, he’s back. It really sounds like you’re at a private concert live from his home. I think I heard his dogs barking in the background . . .

Click above to view the Hawaiian Music Live web site.

You should login to HML or Aloha Joe and try playing your Ukulele along with some of the songs. Good practice and good ear training. Don’t forget to sing along, gives us a chance to practice our Hawaiian (and we all need that!).

Most recently I heard a version of 3 Little Birds and San Antonio Rose, in Hawaiian! I found the 3LB version on YouTube and posted it previously. There is a Ledward Version of SAR on YT but no video. Click below to view/hear it.

Here’s another great song from Kuana Torres

Click here to download a copy of the Ukulele Song sheet for Na Vaqueros above.

A thought did cross my mind, silver lining and all that . . . maybe this is the Earth telling us all to slow down? To give the Earth a chance to recover too, to be mindful of each other and give “IT” a rest. I know, it’s a hefty price to pay . . . please everyone keep vigilant and help with slowing down this virus!

Check out the custom masks! Made by my sister in Hawaii. Taking orders now. Just text her at 808-352-3733 tell her “Boyet” sent you.


a bubble of life,
precious time with ‘ohana,
reminder of love.

kaawale akā ʻokoʻa i loko o kā mākou naʻau
(apart but together in our hearts)

Malama Pono Kakou!




032120: Ono-licious Take Out! (UPDATED)


Aloha All,

Just wanted to let you know that our Favorite UFOhana Eateries are open for TakeOut today!

Mauna Loa BBQ & Bogie’s Too:

Click the links above to access their websites for phone #’s and details.

Below yet more articles related to the Covid Virus:

This one’s from Popular Science Magazine:


This one’s from from Time’s Magazine:


And this one’s is from Hawai’i to just make you smile and/or sing and play along. It’s one of our favorites!

Hang in there everyone, don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright! Just be careful and use common sense!

Malama Pono Kakou!


Ke noʻonoʻo nei mākou iā ʻoe

“We’re thinking of you . . . “