He’e Nalu Canoe Blessing Update!


For those of you attending the Canoe Blessing tomorrow, I just found out from our host, Max Franco La Rivière-Hedrick, that we won’t actually be performing till after 12pm. Which is when the blessing actually starts. I’m told that the Kumu won’t need our sound system either, so I’ll be there at 11am instead of 10pm to setup our gear.

However, he says that for those of you interested, you’re more than welcome to attend the blessing at 12pm, or if your interested in learning more about He’e Nalu, be there at 11:30am to listening in on their Club meeting.

So once again, I’ll be there at 11am to setup and we play sometime a little after 12:30 or whenever the blessing are done.

Mahalo Nui Loa,


I think I’m over dressed . . . Oh well, here today gone to Meowee.


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    1. Mahalo Don. Yes, AI has saved me hours of finding and then retouching existing photos to look like Jake.

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