101823: Vanikapila 34.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Sorry for the late posting. Been busy with stuffs here and across the Pacific. Hope you’ve been enjoying the temperate weather thus far.

Mahalo for strumming along with us this past Saturday. Always a pleasure to have UFOhana pilots in Da’ Hale.

Click above to access the album.

Here’s the link to this week’s Live Stream. Click here to register if you’ll be joining us In Real Life.

Below, a tour of the bay from the sky. Can you spot Vendola Café?

From our Friend and honorary UFOhana Pilot Ken Mercer.

Below, from Carolyn.

How cool! We somebody!

Mahalo Nui for sharing Carolyn.

Below, also from Carolyn, an Ukulele Friendly cruise to the South Pacific!

Ken’s got a nice gig, entertaining on the Aranui 5!
Click above to view their website.

Come join us on January 20 for a twelve day adventure cruise from Papeete, Tahiti to the mystical Marquesas Islands…Nuku Hiva, Mo`orea and more. The Aranui 5 is a cruise/freighter that resupplies these communities living far from civilization.

Check out the website and to book, call and ask about any discounts with:
Flo Schilling, (707) 800-2083 Email: travel@thompsoncreekside.com
She’s available to answer questions on her return from the Camino in Spain on Saturday the 21st.

Bring your ukulele and your hula garb!
Also an additional cruise to the Pitcairn Islands, February 17-27th. 

Looks like fun . . . hmmmmmmm . . .

Please send your Alohas and healing Mana to our UFOhana Pilots Don Koc and Susan Rogin, who are currently recuperating. E hoʻoikaika koke, get well soon!

You can ‘t keep a UFOhana Pilot down for long . . . take it easy Don.

I’ve update our Events page to include our Nov. 5th Maui Fundraiser. Check it out on our events page.

Click above to view Maui Fundraiser Event details and to register.


The time of seasons,
Day surrenders to the dark,
Night paints indigo.

I ka pō mākou e hele ai (into the night we go).

Until Saturday All,


Capt. Jake Sparrow


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