100823: Vanikapila 33.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

We’re back on schedule for our usual Saturday Vanikapila. Hope you all good time off and enjoyed Fleet Week(end).

Speaking of which. We actually had a pretty good view from our gig at Aloha Seafoods this past Saturday in the City. Check it out below.

Mahalo to Linda, Ted, Pauline, Wally and the others for the photos and for participating at the Aloha Seafoods Luau.

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Click above to join us online this Saturday.

We’ve decided to cancel this Friday’s Elks Kanikapila due to scheduling issues. We’ll try again in November. Mahalo to Joe Tato and the San Rafael Elks for keeping us in mind. Hope you get some rest Joe.

Btw, we’re still on for our November 5th fundraiser for the Lahaina Musicians. Just finalizing the times for the 5th. Please keep the day open for us. Stay Tuned!


softly from afar,
recalling forgotten songs,
we share once again.

e malama i na mea a pau

Take Care Everyone,


Hey! Where did he come from? Mom? Mom?


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