111923: Vanikapila 39.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Another great Vanikapila behind us and another one on the way. But before our next Vanikapila, on behalf of Nohea (Linda) and from myself (SqL) we wish you all a hauʻoli hoʻomaikaʻi (Happy Thanksgiving)!

We both give thanks to akua (our higher powers) for allowing such a giving, caring and joyous UFOhana to form and continue to thrive for 23 years.

Images from this past Saturday’s Vanikapila follows.

Mahalo to Linda for the great photos. Please feel free to share yours online if you wish.

We are so blessed and fortunate to have the UFOhana in our life, mahalo nui iā ʻoukou a pau (thank you all so much)!

Below, our link to this Saturday’s Vani. Click here to register if you’ll be joining us in InRealLife so we can put out enough chairs. Mahalo.

Click above to join us this Saturday.

I want also want to give thanks to those of you who have donated to PIKOhana, our non-profit. It because of you we’re able to provide our the music programs in our local schools with instruments, amps and recording gear to help promote music and a little bit of Hawaiian Culture, through Mele (songs).

Like Lynwood Elementary, where Lynnette Bosey teaches music. See below . . .

Aloha Del, attached are photos to share with the Ohana. You should notice Iris, Andres and Lino (who was there as a tutor). Cuincy (2nd from right) also has come to the UFO’S but it’s been a while.

Thanks to your recent donations we were able to provide Lynnette’s class with 2 additional Basses and Amp, purchased from our friends at Magic Flute.

I’m so curious to see where their music takes these kids 15 years down the road.

Below, some random thoughts and images from my internet and IRL wanderings.

Found at the Kabayan Filipino Grocery Store in Rhonert Park . . . Heaven!
More from the same store, in their freezer section, tribal food.
May the strum be with you.

Hello, Control . . .

Hello Control. Patch me to the UFOhana.

Aren’t you glad we have cell and not “shoe” phones? Though Cell Phones today can be pretty “sole-less”. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk! And finally . . .


why do we gather,
a question with no answer,
but gather we do.

Ok, ‘nuf rambling, I’m returning you to your regular programming.

Be thankful and be well!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Where’s Jaike-do?


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    1. Mahalo Claudia. Try to keep it short, I know attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with social media an all . . .

  1. So grateful to you, Del and Nohea. Thank you for all that you do to keep our ohana going and growing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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