032023: Vanikapila 9.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Good evening UFOhana, I know that we’re all enjoying this brief break from grey skies and the ua lanipili (torrential rain). Reminds me of monsoon season back in Filipinas, only a lot more colder here!

There certainly was a lot of warmth at Saturday’s Vanikapila 8.,23. Check it out below.

We had even a visitor from Sonoma at this one!

Speaking of travelers from afar, here are images from our Away Team’s O’ahu mission.

Btw, Hawai’i was actually rated #1 for life expectancy of the 50 states. As Spock would say, “fascinating . . .”

And then there’s this . . .

Live at 11am this Saturday!

If you’re joining us this Saturday. Register here.

I updated our AI Art Album with some new stuff. Mahalo to David for the inspiration! Click below to view the Gallery.

Seems that the AI isn’t sure what an Ukulele should look like. At least it did a good job with Albert.


soft distant echoes,
familiar melodies,
tease our memories.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Aloha, This is Ai Jake coming at you not so live . . .


8 Replies to “032023: Vanikapila 9.23”

  1. You and other UFO friends will remember Paul Torikian, the charming Greek man who played with the group pre-pandemic. He and his wife will be moving to Oakmont in Santa Rosa very soon.
    Paul’s current address for good wishes is
    P.O. Box 280, Forest Knolls, CA 94933.

    His rarely-checked email is btorikian@yahoo.com and phone is 415.488.0213.

    1. Aloha UFOhana,

      Please take note of Carol’s comment. Please send your Alohas (and cards) to (one of our most) Senior Pilot Paul Torikian and wife.

      Mahalo Carol.

    1. Mahalo nui for your Hula! It certainly brought back fond memories of Nellie and friends . . . aloha a hui hou, Del

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