100322: Vanikapila 35.22


Aloha All,

Were in officially October now, Fall is here and the Halloween Spirits are slowly descending upon us and it’s about time to . . .


But before all that, here are some images of our event from this last week.

Below, our Bogie’s Too Kanikapila. Btw, please feel free to upload to any of the Online Albums. Make sure you upload to a specific album otherwise your photos may not be available online.

Mahalo to Leslie and Michael for inviting us out . . .

It was a great night to play out under the stars. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. Mahalo to those that attended and made it such a joyous event.

And our 1st Vanikapila in a few weeks. Mahalo to those of you who attended both IRL and Virtually (one, all the way from England!).

Below, images from our Liverpool Away Team . . .

Speaking of Musicians. I want to share this music video from a young (I think she’s 18 now) upcoming vocalist / Ukulele Player, Grace VanderWaal. I heard this song at the end of an Anime I recently watched called “Next Gen”. Has a very familiar Hui (Chorus) . . . hmmmm.

Very heartfelt and timely piece for all our current situation(s). Hard to believe she’s only 18 years old.

She’s sings it in Ab. For those interested, I transposed it to (easier to play) G, click here for the mp3 and here for the song sheet. It’s a little challenging to play along with, but the song is worth the effort.

Here’s the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Click above this Saturday to join in . . .

Btw, I’ve update our event page:


We a couple of events this month and in November. Check the Events page for details.


to touch distant hearts,
messages sent through ether,
mana of our times.

For Carolyn . . .

e neʻe i mua me ka ikaika a me ke akua

Aloha kekahi i kekahi,


Jake da Cat . . . a la Van Gogh . . .


4 Replies to “100322: Vanikapila 35.22”

  1. Thx for wonderful Ohana messages/ pics & Pauline’s adventures. 💕Loved the Grace VW video clip too. Sorry I missed the Bogie event. Doing my lazy thing in Maui till 15th.
    Mahalo Del🌺,

  2. Wow – that Grace V. Video (and the song and her performance of it) is really moving. Ahh , the power and sincerity of talented youthful expression cannot be denied .

    Mahalo for posting it!

    1. Isn’t it though? Glad you enjoyed it! It was a great song for the end of the “Next Gen” Anime, it kind of summed up the trial and troubled life of the heroine.

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