092522: Vanikapila 34.22 this Saturday


Aloha UFOhana,

Hope this finds you well . . . we’re back to our normally scheduled 11a-1p Vanikapila this coming Saturday. Here’s the link below.

It’s a been a busy last 3 weeks, Fall has fallen and now we’re on our way to Halloween, then Thanksgiving and . . . . and . . . . but before those events we have the following events.

First is Leslie of Bogie’s Too (formerly Bogie’s Cafe) has asked us to hold a Kanikapila at their restaurant on 4th Street. Click below for event details and to RSVP a table on Bogie’s Too website.

Second is the event from Magic Flute below.

Click above to RSVP a seat with Magic Flute.

Some of you may remember Andrew from his last concert at Magic Flute a few years back. A definite must see!

UFOhana Sharktoberfest Mission Report:

Mission Date: 092522

15:00 Hours
Initial members of Seal Team Kahua51 makes landfall at Sharktoberfest Landing Site.

15:30 Hours

Begin establishing base camp, awaiting arrival of remaining STKahua51 members.

Weather report: Foggy and Windy, 60 degrees, but STKahua51 carries on . . .

16:30 Hours

Base Camp established. Awaiting arrival of Bass Commander . . . Ken reports that inclement weather is like a Summer Day in England . . .

UFO Seal Team: Kahua51 braving the Wind and Cold!

Below, photos from the Away Mission Sharktober Fest this past Saturday.

Mahalo Nohea for all the great photos and videos!
For those interested, Sharktober Fest Livestrem recording is now online.

SITE REP: Sharktober Fest

A sincere Mahalo Nui Loa to Susan, Melann, Wally, Ted, Ralph, Karen, Cindy, Ken, Janet, Laura and Nohea for braving the cold weather and your support in making this a fun and (hopefully) successful fundraiser for the National Marine Sanctuary System and Shark Stewards of California.

Click this link to an Ukulele Sighting on a “Nightmare” Southwest Flight. You got to ready to believe it! And I was so afraid they’d make me pack my Ukulele down in the hold . . . Mahalo Gary!

amidst howling winds,
dancing among the zephyrs,
hula warms the night.

Malama Pono everyone!


Btw, the image below is another AI Generated image from our AI Art Collection. I’ve added some very interesting ones from David Hayes of Wolfs and UFOs. Plus of some my AI Generated “Cyber Punk Ukulele Ninjas”

Click here to view the AI Art Album. Please feel free to upload any of yours . . . if you have some . . . and they’re not too spooky?


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