092021: Vanikapila 39.21


Aloha Ahiahi UFOhana,

Hope this finds you well. We’re well into the back half of this year and on target for the EOY (End Of Year) Events. You know like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and the like . . .

Like our EOM (End of Month) Pot Luck evening Kani/Vani-kapila.

Click here to let us know you’ll be joining us this Saturday and maybe let us know what you’ll be bringing for Potluck?

As with last month our normal 11a-1p Vanikapila will be moved to 6:30p – 10:00p. Click below to join us in Cyber Space this Saturday Night.

Click above to join us this Saturday at 6:30 pm.

Apologies to our Cyber ‘Ohana about the technical difficulties this past Saturday. Seems to be another case of Windows updates blowing up my OBS (streaming software) configuration. I rebuilt the configurations, re-attached the software to our WebCams and Mixer. I tested it last night, seems to be working fine, though it was fine the Friday Night before when I ran my weekley test. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this Saturday!

Nohea did get some photos and videos to share with you below.

Click above to view photos and videos.

Many of you are aware of the 1st Ukulele taken up in the Space X Inspiration 4 mission. Below a video of the astronaut playing the specially built Martin Soprano Space Ukulele.

Uke’s about at 5:40 minutes into the video.

Though Chris Sembroski may be the 1st Astronaut to play an Ukulele in space. Here’s a picture of Neil Armstrong, from Apollo 11 mission, playing on earth in the isolation chamber back on Terra Firma.

Click image above to view the UkuleleMag.com article on Neil and his Moon Uke.

And finally an article about Hawai’i, it’s people’s view of their life and tourism during the pandemic. Something to give us all thought as we travel to “Paradise” . .


she stands in the night,
bathed by la luna’s blue glow,
an angelic form.

Malama Pono to Marty and Pauline!

Aloha A Hui Hou Kakou,


3 uh, 6 little birds? Yeah . . . what eva . . .


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