091321: Vanikapila 38.21


Aloha All,

Are we already half way through September? Time sure seems to be speeding by, and it’s definitely been an very eventful year so far. Let’s all hope that the upcoming are good ones.

In fact, here are a couple “good ones” from last week . . .

Starting with the Kanikapila at the Elks.

Followed up by our Saturday Vanikapila.

And topped off with a brand new Vanikapila for this week.


world spins in circles,
slowly light comes to darkness,
glowing face of love.

Ok, really short this week. Don’t forget to send healing mana, prayers and alohas to Marty and Linda.

Btw, Marty sends his Mahalo to his Hula Bruddas for last week’s Holo Holo Ka’a you dedicated to him. He promises to “step on the brake” and not the gas next time!

Mahalo Nui to all of you for your Kokua and Aloha last week!

Malama Pono All,


Get better soon Uncle Marty . . .


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