070621: Vanikapila 28.21

Aloha Ahi Ahi (Good Evening) UFOhana,

Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable FOJ. Guess this puts us over the half way mark, the year’s slipping by so quickly. Fortunately, we’re slipping a little bit closer to “normal” . . . whatever that is now.

Speaking of “normal”, it seems we’re back to our normal schedule of every 2nd Friday at the Elks.

I updated the events calendar last week with the link to RSVP a dinner for July 9th Elks Kanikapila. Mahalo to Monica, of the Elks, for providing the link.

Please be sure to click “I Am Attending this event” to let us know you’ll be joining the Kanikapila and to click the “RSVP a dinner” link if you will be joining us for dinner as well.

While you’re checking out our Events calendar, don’t forget about our Woodacre Kanikapila on the 11th . . . that is unless you’ve got funner things to do like re-grouting your bathroom? Check out the Event Calendar for details. Mahalo to Ralph and Karen for hosting the event.

This past Saturday was another full house, or should say Full Backyard, kanikapila for us. Mahalo nui loa to all of you that vaxed and kept your fellow UFOhana members safe. Mahalo to the UFOhana Roadies that keep setting up and tearing down the back yard for our Saturday Kanikapilas and to our KULU Studio Musicians that keep the mele flowing. Mahalo to Nohea (and her photo crew) for documenting our events . . . creating virtual memories for our future UFOhana and to our Cyber ‘Ohana for jacking in.

Click below photos and videos from last week’s kanikapila. Mahalo Cindy for sharing your song with us. Videos of Cindy are in the Online Album.

The following are two songs I’d like to try out this Saturday. The first being the Garcia/Grisman/Grateful Dead version of a UFOhana Favorite, Russian Lullaby. It’s got a Jazzy/Swingy beat to it and beautiful chord changes, challenging but not un-doable.

The second as an old favorite of the UFOhana, from way back, Lonestar. Performed by Norah Jones and written by her Bass Player, Lee Alexander.

Click here to here to give it a listen/play along.

Be sure to download and print a copy of the songs if you’ll be playing along with us this Saturday.

Last and not the least-est . . .

Click above to view this Saturday’s Live Stream.


voices from the past,
recalling those gone before,
we give pause to smile.

Take care everyone! Don’t forget to text me if you’ll be joining us in the back yard or if you want an indoor seat.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Nohea! Phone! I think NYTimes is calling!


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