062921: Vanikapikla 27.21


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Well, here we are at the end of June, still no rain. Though one Meteorologist did speculate that September might be the soonest we could expect rain. Fingers crossed. In the meantime we’ll need to continue our vigilance in saving water. Though I have to admit that the change in color of the hill sides seem to have their own unique (if not desolate) beauty.

Click the collage below to view last photos and videos from last week’s backyard Kanikapila at Vendola Cafe, aka Kahua51, aka UFOhana Ukulele Landing Strip, aka 1585 Vendola, aka Da Kine UFOs, aka Linda and Del’s Hale.

Mahalo Nui Loa Hana Hou to all of the UFOhana that help with the setup and tear down and to those of you who participate in the Mele and Hula to make each Saturday such a special and joyful day of the week!

In light of the recent OSHA directives, I’ve decided to “phase in” indoor Kanikapila playing.

For now I will open up indoor seating to 8 seats on an RSVP basis only. We will continue Outdoor seating as usual, open to all on available seating basis.

As with the Outside Kanikapila everyone attending Inside MUST BE DOUBLE VAXED!

Please text me at 415-300-7804, stating if you desire to RSVP an indoor seat or will be attending outdoors.

In a previous posting I mentioned a song that Cindy Ross and her friends wrote during the COVID Quarantine called “Life Goes On” which she’ll be teaching us this week. Mahalo Cindy.

The PDF is available below and if you’d like to get a preview performance by Cindy, the link to the song video is here.

For those of you interested in Steel Guitars. Brudda Ted sent me a link to Alan Akaka’s Steel Guitar Showcase LiveStream.

Click here to view past and upcoming performances. Featured are local as well as up and coming kīkākila (Steel Guitar) artists of all ages. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Ted on the list sometime soon!

I got another link to performance groups, right here in the Bay Area, from Ralph P, for the Clarion Performance Arts Center in the City . . . click here to view their calendar. I believe the Honey Crooners will be making an appearance there.

It’s just amazing how much talent we have in the UFOhana!

I’m sure you all recall that UFOhana Mele Favorite, “Hawai’i 78” Micky Ioane, performed by Brudda IZ. Click below to view a beautiful, touching remake of the mele. 40 years later, performed by 40 Hawaiian Artists (including Jake Shimabukuro), 14 local schools across 4 islands. Dedicated to all lovers of the ‘aina, for future generations with love and hope. Mahalo Nui to John Dodge for sharing this beautiful mele with us.

And yet another great example of a Mele Favorite from Brudda IZ that was performed out by Pauline’s old neighborhood (I think). Mahalo Toni Golbus for sharing this one with us.

Btw, I’ve re-activated our Events Calendar so you can check for upcoming UFOhana events there now. Here’s the link to view our Upcoming Events: https://ufohana.org/events/

Be sure to check it out. There are 3 events happening this month (so far) you may want to register for, just so we know you’ll be coming.

Finally, this week’s Vanikapila below.

During Live Streaming, if you can’t reach me via The Chat for song requests, you can always text Nohea at 415-572-1175. Don’t text me during Vanikapila as I will be too busy with other stuffs, like playing my Ukulele, trying to sing, talking story, or fixing the Live Stream, better to text my wrangler, Nohea. Mahalo.

Ok, I think I got it all down. Hope to connect with you all this week.

Have a Great 4th Everyone!


Lives arc to apex,
We leave only memories,
As we soar onward.

Malama Pono Ka Kou,


I ❤ My Uke


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