060621: Vanikapila 24.21 Coming Up!


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

What an amazing, fabulous, magical, delicious and fun time we had last night! And it’s a good thing we decided on Saturday as it’s pretty blustery and cold right now at the Vendola Cafe!

Mahalo Nui Loa to Mike for graciously sponsoring the ono-licious food for our “Belated 20/21th Anniversary BBQ”, to the Vendola Cafe Team that helped with the flooring, extra tables, decorations, setup, beverages, desserts, music, hula, to all that wore your finest Paniolo gear, helped with tear down, cleaning, and to all that brought and shared your Aloha with everyone.

It definitely takes a village or in our case an ‘Ohana . . . and we are truly blessed with a wonderful one. Can’t wait for our 22nd Anniversary!

Click below to view the videos and photos from this past Saturday.

Our alohas go out our Cyber ‘Ohana that joined us online this past Saturday. Thanks for sticking with us through the spotty Livestream. Not sure what’s causing it but I’m suspecting it something with YouTube as it seems to get better on it’s own.

We’re back to our regular Vanikapila Time this Saturday. Click below to link in this Saturday 11a – 1pm.

Btw, did you know that one of UFOhana’s Keiki is graduating this year from High School? Madison, of course, who else? Who was also awarded the Marin School of Arts Student of the Year award! Maika’i No’eau!

From tossing french fries at Mark at Sleeping Lady during Kanikapila to Graduation?!? Where did the time go?

In fact, you can view her graduation Live Stream!

Message from Madison below:

“At 9:40am on Friday June 11, we will be showing the senior slideshow to open graduation for your families on the youtube link below.
At 10:00am we will begin with 3 live cameras and many angles and views of our graduation festivities.  

Comcast Cable subscribers in Novato can also watch on Channel 30, and AT&T U-Verse customers can watch on Channel 99.

Novato Community Television (NCTV) is proud to present live coverage of the Novato High School Class of 2021’s Graduation! NCTV recently invested in a suite of new equipment and resources to be able to bring live and hybrid events into the homes of the Novato Community. Wireless camera transmitters and new broadcasting equipment now allow us to share closeup action of events as they unfold in real time. 
Tune in at 9:40am on Friday, June 11th, to watch the Senior Slide Show and then the Live Graduation at 10:00am. “

Feel free to post this on the blog!

I’ll also be give a graduation speech with my friend Jiboni who you’ve met, so that’ll be fun 🙂

Thank you for all the aloha yesterday, your “Happy Graduation” rendition made me tear up and smudge my makeup!
(aw… sorry about that No’eau)
~Madison Sneath

Whew! What an eventful month this has been/is/will be/etc.

Ok time to rest these old bones, still recovering . . .


like a seed they grow,
slowly towards the warm sun,
hope blooms eternal.

From Nohea and myself, to the best ‘Ohana ever . . .

Me ke aloha pumehana,



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    1. Not this month. Scheduling was messed up some how. We on every 2nd Friday starting in July. Mahalo for asking Brudda!

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