031815: We’re the ufohq this friday

Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

We’re gathering at UFOHQ once again this Friday. Same runtime as last week, 7PM until the last Pilot Stops Strumming. BYOPotLuck (aka Kaukau) something yummy and healthy (but as usual, desserts are also very welcome), BYOMusicStands, BYOFoldingChair (just in case we don’t have enough) and of course BYAlohaNuiLoa to share with everyone! Next Friday, 3/27/15, we’ll be back at the Elks Bar for our usual Special Dinner Kanikapila.

From Nohea, Jake (the Popoki) and myself, Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that participated in our 15th Anniversary Kanikapila. Your Aloha made it such a special and joyous event. Not to mention the out pouring of Hula from our lovely Hula Maidens! The mea ‘ai (food) was ‘ono loa (VERY delicious) and made that much more special when shared among friends.  We also want to thank all of that helped with the clean up. I couldn’t believe that there was not a dish to wash, or garbage and re-cycles to take out, at the end of the night! Our UFOhana Rocks big time! Mahalo also for the makana (gifts), the beautiful orchid lei, cards, pictures and sweets were not at all necessary but so appreciated by us both.

Below are images from the last week’s Kani’s . . . 1st up is the 15th Year Anniversary Images (click each collage to access the album):


Then we jammed at Wahine Moe Moe . . . btw, wasn’t little Mark great on the bass when he did Octopus’s Garden? It’s amazing the talent that have blossomed from our Keiki!


Hills of Shifting sand,
Makani Blows from the East,
Brings Distant Strumming . . .

Malama Pono All!

See you this Friday (and Saturday),


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  1. We are new to UFOHana and do not know where UFOHQ is located. We want to attend Friday’s strumming event. Please let us know so we can join you tomorrow night. We have been to the Saturday Sleeping Lady events three times and loved playing and singing with all of you. We bought the music book.
    Lid and Maryland
    415-264-7554 (c)

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