031315: We’re at ufoHQ tOnight!


Aloha All,
We’ll be celebrating our 15th year of Friday Night Kanikapila tonight at UFOHQ (email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws for an address if needed). Runtime is from 7PM until the last Pilot Stops Strumming. BYOPotLuck (aka Kaukau) something yummy and healthy (but desserts are also very welcome), BYOMusicStands, BYOFoldingChair (just in case we don’t have enough) and BYAlohaNuiLoa to share with everyone!

I’ve been working on compiling 15 years of UFOhana Images so I won’t post any here today. If you want a copy of the 5000+ images let me know and I’ll burn a DVD for you.

Ok I gotta get back to the Images . . .

Endless memories,
An eternal beginning,
Reaching for the Light.



14 Replies to “031315: We’re at ufoHQ tOnight!”

    1. ive tried to get a hold of you on class mates but from everything ive seen on the enternet you are quite the busy woman still working involved with your community and on and on.i really dont know where you are anymore but i just wanted you to know that your goddaughter is now 36 in dec. has three beautiful children velaskas vaughan, haeven monroe, and dreece troy i would love to send you some pictures on them. they are 5 years 3 years and l8 months. morgan still lives in el sobrante and still works at animal care clinic. please send me a address or something so i can send you a christmas card pictures and be able to contact you . take care of yourself i think of you and the kids often.
      love ruthann sankovich cowan

  1. Del, am in Guatemala so sorry to be missing this big 15 yrs. celebration! Happy strumming! Xxooo

  2. Congratulations Del and your ohana on 15 years. You have an amazing group. I always love playing with you. I’m now living in Tacoma, Wa. being nanny to grand son. I’ve joined some Ukelele groups here. Can’t beat Uke players for friends. Wende

    1. Aloha Wende, Congrats on being a Tutu! We had a slide show of the last 15 years of Friday Kanikapila. You were in it doing Hula and playing Ukulele! Malama Pono, Del

  3. Thank you Del & Linda for your love and generosity! It was a stellar evening. Many great memories to celebrate.

    1. Mahalo Linda for sharing your Aloha with us and for opening the doors to the Campbell Hall to the ‘Ohana.

  4. I can’t believe you found me! I have been searching Facebook and have had my letters returned. I don’t know how you found this blog on UFO Hana ukulele site! I assumed that Morgan didn’t keep her maiden name.
    in fact I am not sure if this will go onto the blog? or to you?
    my email is beckvsq@yahoo.com.
    All UFOhana out there, welcome my dearest friend!
    Claudia V.

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