040824: Vanikapila 13.24


Hauʻoli Waipuna UFOhana,

Happy Spring Weather UFOhana. I hope your all getting out to enjoy this great break in the weather we’re having. Though I understand come Friday Night / Saturday morning the rain will be back, “April showers brings May . . . da kine.”

Speaking of (this) Friday. Remember we’ll be at the Elks at our usual time of 6 to whatever-ish. Below is the link to RSVP a dinner.

Still the best Dinner Value in all of San Rafael and there’s no charge for the floor show and hula lesson (normally a $99.99 value).

Please help support the Elks by doing so. Mahalo to Joe, Dennis, Fred and all the other members that donate their time and make this night possible. It takes an ‘Ohana.

This past Saturday was a kinda, sorta, a homecoming. We had Carolyn, Shuga Bear, (aka Ken) and Lois joining us IRL! Plus Lynnette and her Keikis, Elena and her husband and Cindy Ross. Check it out below.

Click above to view the kolohe-ness!

And, of course, we get to do it again this Saturday! Click here to register.

Again, thanks for registering for this event, a great help for setting up Vendola Café.

Below the link to Saturday’s Vanikapila on line.

Click above, this Saturday, to join in on the merriment!

Btw, I uploaded the Mahalo Nui cards from Lynnette’s students. You can view them below in their Kanikapila Album. Very heart warming and funny, they’re towards the bottom of the page.


heaven’s alignments,
reminder of bigger things,
as we go about . . .

mahalo iā ʻoukou a pau,


Woa! That’s a big one . . . did that come out me?


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