091023: Vanikapila 30.23


Aloha UfOhAnA,

It’s been an Up AnD dOwN week for me, excuse the terse-ness.

Mahalo to all that attend this past Saturday.

Nothing like a room full of Happy Ukulele Pilots to put smile one’s face. UFOhana keeps my engine going . . .

Click above to view last week’s VK.
Click above to join in this Saturday

Click here to register if you’ll be joining us IRL.

Btw, I may forget to add the “register” link from time to time, but if you go to your browser and type in https://UFOhana.org/events you’ll probably find the event there and can register that way instead. Mahalo.

Below the video I mentioned of Brittni Paiva receiving her custom Kanile’a.

. . . and then there’s this video from Taimane . . .

I didn’t know she was a polyglot.

And from Melann an interview of Max, Sterling and Peter from George’s Maui Slack Key Band on NBC:

Maui residents use music to bring people together after wildfires. After the devastating wildfires that tore through Maui, residents use slack key music to unite the community. NBC News’ Sam Brock has more.


we define a space,
height width length by aloha,
cubic ‘Ohana

Mahalo to you all for your support and Aloha you’ve shared with us,


hmmm, what should I eat today . . .


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