081323: Evening Vanikapila 26.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Another fun Saturday recorded to the Livestream Cloud. Mahalo for those that attended and brought their Alohas. Mahalo to Gary for that ono-licious Birthday Cake and to Toni for channeling Nellie’s Princess Pupule Hula!

Mahalo to Laura for being our paʻi puʻuwai (the Heartbeat) for our ‘Ohana this past Saturday.

Click above to view the online album from this past Saturday.

Remember, we’re holding our Kanikapila in the evening this Saturday for our Potluck/Birthday Kanikapila. Click here for details and to register for the event.

I’m going to try and stream the event, but no promises. Here’s the link just in case . . .

We were discussing donating funds to Maui this last Saturday, so I thought I’d share this link to Trusted Organization to Donate to for the Maui Relief. It’s from a local Hawai’i New Station, KHON2.

Along with the donation links, there are interesting articles on that page concerning the aftermath and possible issues with wealthy outsider “influence”, insurance companies and the like.

It’s going to be a long road to recovery that’s going to involve more than just large sums of money. Keeping sending your Alohas and good mana their way . . .


wicked makani,
like the hot breath of pele,
nature reminds us.

aloha kekahi i kekahi,


. . . so sad . . . keep sending alohas . . .


2 Replies to “081323: Evening Vanikapila 26.23”

  1. Thanks for keeping the ohana aloha spirit alive in Marin county. Looking forward to an evening kanikapila.

    I remember being in Maui for the first time. It was like finding a slice out of the pie chart of my life that had been missing. Was on track to buy into a condo in Kihei with my fiancee when the econmy crashed, taking our career jobs with it, and that was that.

    Lots of cousins spent summers in Maui. My favorite aunt always brought me back a Crazy t-shirt. I wore one of my old Crazy shirts to the Lahaina store once, and they took a photo and put me on their Rogues Gallery wall. That photo and probably the whole store burned down last week.

    So painful to watch, reminded of friends in the Paradise (Camp) Fire, and in Santa Rosa fires, who lost everything in recent memory. This is one result of global warming, and climate change accelerated by man-made activity, especially over the past fifty years, when we knew what the impacts would be and still did nothing.

    I look to healing rains, time, and waiting for the tender shoots of new growth to spring up. Nature always rebounds, in her own way. The truer we are to our own nature, the more we become part of the greater Nature all around us – for better or worse. We must choose to act wisely.

    1. Mahalo for sharing Ethan. Yes, let’s all hope for a speedy and wise recovery for Maui . . . Aloha A Hui Hou, Del

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