080123: Vanikapila 24.23 & Presenting Corporal Madison Sneath!


Yes, that’s our very own Madison Sneath being promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal.

Maika’i Madison and congratulations!


Alooooooha UFOhana,

Another action packed weekend of Trident, Vanikapila, and 2023 Porchfest behind us and a new month up ahead!

On behalf of Nohea and myself we wish a heartfelt Mahalo Nui Loa to all that supported through these events. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends . . . it really does take a village / ‘Ohana to create all the Aloha we have shared with each other and with the public. We could not have come this far without you all . . .

Some sad news, Betty Ann Bruno, Hula Mai Kumu, passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. Details will probably be forthcoming on her Hula Mai website at http://www.hulamai.org/.

Me ke aloha pumehana to Craig and her ‘Ohana. Please send your Aloha and healing Mana their way.

Below, images from this past week’s events.

The Trident Gig . . . mahalo Carolyn for sharing these images.

Then our Vanikapila . . .

Just another fun filled Saturday at the Vendola Cafe.

And last, the 2023 Porchfest.

Click above to view the UFOhana in action. Please feel free to upload photos or videos to the album.

Mahalo nui to Ken Emerson for lending us his fantastic Kika Kila (Steel Guitar) talents, Sandy for being the forever heart beat of the UFOhana, to Wally for his blues harp, Ralph and Don for their Ukulele Solos, to Susan and Lynnette for your leo nani & Hula, to the Corps de Ukulele for your Wave of Ukes Sound, to our UFO Hula Hui for giving a body to our Mele (songs), to Kluki (Pauline Clucas), Ralph, Karen, Lynnette, Wally, Linda A, Marty, Lois and all the UFOR(oadies) for setup and tear down of the UFOhana Popup Store, and to my beloved Nohea for her ‘uhane (spirit) that keeps me going. I will never be able to repay you all for the joy you’ve given me.

Lastly, Mahalo Nui Loa to the Hamiltons for hosting us year after year (yes, they’ve already invited us back for next year) and for sharing their beautiful porch (and back yard) with the UFOhana.

This week’s Vanikapila . . .

Click above this Saturday to join us Virtually.

Click here to register for this event.

While you are there check out other events you may want to register for.

Especially, the August 19th Event.

Since it’s getting close to the end of Summer we thought we should take advantage of the evening weather.

What could be better than having an Outdoor Evening Vanikapila and celebrating Lois, Sandra and Melann’s Birthday?

Be sure to register early for the 19th so we can figure out seating and Cake Sizing?


joyously dancing,
rhythmic hula and bamboo,
blending nature’s best.

K’den I tink das it eh?



Kapakahi popoki kūkini Band: Jaike and his Kolohe Brudda Iake.
“Jaike, what key, what key?”


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