072723: Vanikapila 23.23 and PorchFest UPDATE and Aloha Friday @ The Trident with Ken Emerson & Chris Rowan!

Aloha UFOhana,

Click below to view updates and map(s) from the Porch Fest ‘Ohana:

We’re actually listed on this one under location #54. Performing after Vivaldi Sonatas.

Aloha UFOhana,

Brudda Ken is back in Sausalito! Check out the Aloha Friday Menu below . . .

Click above to view the Trident Website for details.


Aloha UFOhana,

Another busy, eventful, but fun week for the UFOhana. Starting with the Napa Elks 120th Anniversary Celebration. Images from that event below.

Mahalo Nui to Joe Tato and the Napa Lodge Elk-ders for inviting us and their generous donations to PIKOhana.

Mahalo to the UFOhana who attend and shared their Aloha at this event. The Napa Elks were very impressed and grateful for our attendance.

Mahalo to my Nohea for documenting all these events.

Click above to view the Album.

Then today we had Vanikapila 22.23 . . .

Click above to view the online album.

Btw, we introduced a new song today. Mammas Don’t Let You Keiki Grow up to be Paniolos. Click here to download the Haole PDF version.

Then a group of us were asked to play at Nellie Woodard’s Celebration of Life event. It was about 100 degrees in the Druid Hall in Nicasio. I was sweating like there was no tomorrow in that heat! But the UFOhana persevered for Nellie and Family. Mahalo to Pauline, Wally, and their Roadies for helping put the sound gear together. I could not have done it without you folks!

Nellie’s family was touched and very thankful. I told them Mahalo for allowing us to attend and share some of Nellie’s Mele and Hula.

Mahalo Fran for channeling Nellie in her signature Princess Pupule Hula.

Mahalo to Brudda Ken Emerson for his lighting his steel on fire for us and to Sandy for taking time before his Napa gig to give us the bottom! You guys are the best-est!

Photos and videos below.

Click above to check out Da Heat!

So next week we’re having usually schedule Vanikapila, #23.23, click below to join in . . .

Click above to join in this Saturday.

. . . then Sunday we’ll be at the Napa Porch Fest.

Click above to view Images for Last Year’s Porchfest.

Click here to register for the event. If you’ve never attended one. Now we be a good time. If you attend one, now would still be a good time!

Ok, I got to refill my Evaporative Cooling Fan (aka Swamp Cooler). Stay cool and safe out there. Hope to see you sometime this weekend.


endless azure blue,
wisps of water colored clouds,
adrift in heaven.

Me ke aloha pumehana,


Mommas don’t let your Kitties grow up to be Collies . . . no, that not quite right . . . hmmmmm.


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    1. You mean jAIke? It’s almost all from Bing.com/Create AI image creator. I just add some finishing touches to make them look more like our real life JAke. Mahalo for liking jAIke!

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