052123: Vanikapila 17.23


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Was is just me, or did we just get Bb-slacked by the Fabulous Slacker Brothers?

For those of you that attended our Slackers In Paradise house concert, Mahalo Nui Loa for the rousing E’ Komomai (Welcome) and making the Slackers (Kimo and Ken) feel so much Aloha at the Vendola Cafe, and sharing all that great meaʻai (food) at our Pot Luck! Man that Manuela Boy Pipi stew was killas!

And, of course, Mucho Mahalo to the Slackers for hanging out with the UFOhana at the Vendola Café! A hui hou aku (see you again soon)!

From Nohea and myself, Mahalo to Pauline, Ralph, Linda, Melann, Lois and the many others for all the prep work before, assistance during and after the event. Who needs menehunes when you have the UFOhana?

Pono ka ʻohana (It takes a family) . . . so true.

Click below to view images from the event.

Click above to view the Aloha.

So this Saturday, we’re back to our regularly scheduled Vanikapila No. 17.23. Click below join in or click here to let register IRL (In Real Life) for the event.

By the way, this will be our last Kanikapila for this month as I’ll be traveling to O’ahu for my father’s 1st year anniversary.

Our next Kanikapila will be June 17th at our regularly schedule time. I’ll be in contact throughout my trip though so stay tuned . . .

Click above to strum with us in Cyberspace this Saturday.


Storm of Happiness,
Mele, Hula, Ohana,
Seeds of Aloha.

Ok, I’m feeling pretty tired from all the festivities so I’m making this a short one.

e malama i na mea a pau (take care everyone)!


. . . are they really replacing me with an Ai . . . Nah!
. . . maybe . . .


2 Replies to “052123: Vanikapila 17.23”

  1. A wonderful time was had by all. Love looking through all the photos. Thanks to you and Linda for providing such a loving space and so much aloha. A truly amazing evening.

  2. Del I want to share with everyone the exciting new Tiki exhibit at the Napa Museum in Yountville. It’s fabulous and runs through Dec 31. It’s an amazing collection of the iconic Tiki culture/genre -an historical perspective from origins to modern interpretation. While visiting museum stop at Napa’s newest Tiki lounge Wilfred’s -Downtown Napa on the river 1st St. 🙏🏝️🍍🌸🌊🏄‍♀️
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