050123: Vanikapila 15.23


Hauʻoli lā Mei UFOhana!

Happy May Day (which is Lei Day in Hawai’i) UFOhana!

Yes May 1st is a special day in Hawai’i. Leis are shared, decorate Hawaiian Landmarks, schools, cities, hold special celebrations and even have a Royal Ali’i Court representing the Kings and Queens of Hawai’i.

I recall one May Day at Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School, they had Hilo Hattie fly in on a Helicopter in our playing field and did the Hilo Hop Hula! We even had the Marine Band play Hawaiian music for us.

Click below for a brief history of Lei Day in Hawai’i from Hawai’i Magazine.

Below images of May Day in Hawai’i.

Here’s the video of Brudda Iz singing/recording Hawai’i 78 in the studio.

He’s playing a custom double neck Ukulele 4 and 6 string (not 5). Check out the Brudda on Keyboard with slippas and shorts, Brudda on Drums chewing gum . . . so da’kine!

Not many photos from this past Saturday, but we do have a smattering of Hula Videos.

Yes, that is our very own Monica paying us a visit from Bend.

Lastly, the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Click here to Register for Vanikapila 15.23

Btw, Cindy Ross is looking for a rental in the area if you know of one please contact her via her Facebook page or leaving a message here.



we gather as one,
‘Ohana strumming mele,
Birds reply with song.

A pāʻani hou mākou (until we play together once again),



4 Replies to “050123: Vanikapila 15.23”

  1. Aloha and happy May and happy Lei Day!

    Always good to play with you at vanikapila on Saurdays.

    Normally I dance the sun up on May Day, English Morris dancing with various teams, but had to stop because of injuries, for years. This year I’m busy helping prepare for open studios. On other years, visiting my mother’s family in France we celebrate May First as la Fête des Fleurs, and hand out sprays of lily-of-the-valley by the truckload. The entire city of Paris smells sweetly of this flower every year on May Day.

    So it is meaningful to me too, and means a lot to share a day with others who care a lot about traditional celebrations, too – even from far away.

    Blessings and mahalo

    1. Ethan,

      Nohea (Linda) spent a lot of layovers during her stint with TWA and American Air in Paris. Mahalo for sharing!

      Aloha A Hui Hou

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