021323: Vanikapila 4.23


Aloha UFOhana,

I’ve given my UFOhana AI Blogger the rest of the week off, since we’ve tested negative for COVID and feeling 99.9% better! From the looks of him he could sure use some time off.

“Are you finally back?”

That being said, Nohea and I have agreed that it’s time to reopen Vendola Café / UFOHQ / UFO Hangar 51 to our Ukulele Pilots this Saturday at our usual time of 11am – 1pm.

Again if you’ll be joining us IRL (InRealLife), for the safety of your ‘Ohana, please test for COVID before coming.

Please register on our Events page if you’ll be attending IRL. You can access it here.

Again, mahalo nui to our Ohana for sharing your Aloha, Mana and Ono-licious treats during our battle with COVID. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Click above this Saturday to join us virtually.

Some very tragic news from Toni and family. Their daughter, Aliyah, who had lost her daughter, Maayan, last year, January 24, 2022, has passed away due to complications of an illness. Toni and Mickey are in Israel now and ask that we send our Aloha, healing Mana and prayers to their family.

me oe ko makou naau . . .

Our hearts are with you Toni and Mickey . . .

Uke Ku

we blink and years pass,
in our third eye we recall,
moments of pure love.


Gone so soon . . .


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