120722: Maybe Vanikapila This Saturday . . .

Aloha UFO Pilots!

Just found out that they have Wi-Fi at the Fairfax venue. So I’m going to try and live stream the event. Not sure what the bandwidth’s like at the hall, but we’ll give it our best effort. Stream link below:

Click above to view the live stream this Saturday.

BTW, if you will be attending IRL (InRealLife) be aware, they are predicting Heavy Rains in the Bay Area (seems it was raining the last time we did this).

ALSO, wear HAPPY & BRIGHT (i.e. LOUD) Hawaiian attire to help bring some warm Aloha on a cold and rainy day.

That is all . . . as you were . . .

Hmmm, something about those eyes . . .


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

A busy Saturday for us this week. We’ll be performing a the Fairfax Craft Fair in the morning and at the Elks for Dinner. Sorry, but I won’t be able to live stream the event as cell service is pretty spotty at both locations. We’ll be sure to take lots of photos and videos to share later.

If you’re interested, you can check out the details for either event on our Events Page.

For those of you attending either event, I’ll be providing NEW and Improved (printed) 2022 Christmas Flight Manuals at the Fairfax and Elks Event. Which you are welcome to keep as a Holiday gift from your -=SqL+Nohea+Jake=-.

For those of you who would rather use your tablets, click here to download a copy of the (bookmarked/indexed) PDF file.

For those of you participating at the Fairfax Event, please show up by 10:30 so you can get situated. We begin performing at 11am and BYOMusicStand!

Btw, I will also provide the Flight Manual for the California Academy Event on Jan 1,2023. You know where to look for that one . . .

This past Saturday was a little cold and soggy, but there was no shortage of warm Aloha at Vendola Cafe.

Nohea and I are very grateful for those who braved the weather to participate in our Christmas practice and made it such an enjoyable one at that.

Click the Santa below to view the online album. Hmmmm, doesn’t that Santa looks disturbingly familiar?

. . . something about those eyes . . .

Going to keep it short tonight, a little tired from this busy weekend.


one four five repeat,
pattern for thousands of songs,
just one finds the heart.

Malama Pono to Carolyn, Ralph and Tucker! Hope you folks are feeling better.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


That’s one hella-big paw! Where’d all your fur go?


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