120122: Vanikapila 42.22


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Good evening all! Sorry to be so late with this posting. I’ve been busy the last few days putting up the front yard Kalikimaka display. See the 4 easy steps below.

A few of the images are animated so give it time to download. Best viewed on your PC.

Step1. Put up all your inflatables.

Step 2. Find all your topiary and lighted displays.

Step 3. Add them to the inflatables like so.

Step 4. Wait for the sun to go down and viola!

Almost there, the deer front right, had a major overhaul. 120 feet of new LED lights and over 200 tie wraps later, he’s back on line as the “UFOhana Disco Deer.”

Still missing a few lights and 16 pointed stars but it’ll do for now.

Mahalo to those who attended last week Vanikapila and those that participated in our T-Day Hana Hou Luncheon. So nice to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, friends and ‘Ohana over the entire week!

Along with the Christmas Decorations we’ve also been working our our 2022 Christmas Flight Manual for this year (which we’ll be using at the Fairfax Faire on the 10th). You can download it below in PDF format. Just Click the sheet of paper icon with the down arrow to download a copy. Best done on your PC.


If I have time, I’ll make up a few printed copies.

Following a few hours after the Dec 10th Fairfax Gig, we’ll be at the Elks performing for their Christmas Family Dinner that evening. Click below for details and to RSVP a dinner. Please note that the deadline for the Dinner RSVPs.

Btw, you can find details for these and other upcoming events on our events page at https://ufohana.org/events/ .

Speaking of events. As many of you already know we’ve been asked to perform at the California Academy of Sciences, January 1 , 2023.

Please register for this event by 12/09/2022 as they are asking for a head count and names of the attendees.

Again, check the events page for details and to register. Remember only one guest per performer allowed.

Finally, below, the link to this week’s Vanikapila.

Click above this Saturday to join your UFOhana.

Please text me at 415-300-7805 if you’ll be attending this Saturday I.R.L.

Keep in mind that we will probably be indoors because of rain. Please test for COVID before attending. Know that I will have the fans and 5 air cleaners running overtime!


Mahalo to Brudda Ted for spotting this one.

Ok, first day back at work, I think I’ll call it a night.


when all has been said,
when all has been strummed and sung,
only echoes remain.

Get well soon Ralph and Carolyn!

One last look from across the street.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Anybody seen my remote?


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    1. It only appears in the PDF frame when viewed through a Browser (ie, Safari, Edge, Chrome, etc.). But no worries I’ll post a new version this week.

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