101722: Vanikapila 36.22


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Well we’ve crossed the halfway line for Hallows Eve and the UFOHQ is slowing being transformed into UFOHallowQ . . . sorry, couldn’t resist . . . anyway you can check out the outdoor progress below.

Click above to view the online album.

Yes, that is Coco Miguel and Dante . . .

Hard to believe that they both survived drowning in last year’s flood (see below). Fortunately, after drying in them in the hot sun for 3 weeks and some TLC on their fan motor, just like the movie, they’re back from the land of the dead!

  • Where’s Coco and Dante?
  • Looks like they’re headed for the Civic Center.
  • Yes, it got into the garage.
  • It’s about 2 feet deep at this point.

And there’s more to do inside so stay tuned and don’t forget to RSVP for our Come As You Aren’t Kanikapila / Pot Luck on https://UFOhana.org/events page.

So last week we were at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, what a great group it was, energy was really up that day. Mahalo to Toni for helping with the photos!

Mahalo Nui Loa to the wahine o ke awawa o ka mahina (women of the valley of the moon).

For those of you who tried the Livestream, my apologies for the weird audio. I’m using (yet another freeware) application that won’t allow me to monitor the audio as it’s streaming. Turns out that even though I disconnected my phone/video camera from the Bose’s Bluetooth, it continued to play the background music. I’ll be more mindful of this next time. Mahalo to Pauline and Susan K for reporting this and for watching anyway. Definitely worth a gander at the Kaimana Hila Dancers towards the end of the Livestream, just turn the volume down a bit.

Click above to view the online album.

Btw, if anyone is interested in a Kala 8 String Ukulele, Rosemary Yull of the Sonoma ‘Ohana is selling one. You can contact her via email: rosemarie.napa@gmail.com or check EBay. She may already have it up there.

Finally, here’s the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Click above to join in this Saturday.

Btw, text me at 415-300-7804, if you’ll be joining us IRL (InRealLife) and Nohea (Linda) at 415-572-1175 if you can’t get through the chat line for a song request.


rays of dusk glow gold,
sun slips below horizon,
colder nights nipping.

Aloha a hui hou,


Nice Jake-cuzzi, though it’s a little small.


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