090822: No Vanikapila This Saturday


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

I’m still in Hawai’i so No Vanikapila/Kanikapila this Saturday.

I want to express a heartfelt Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that supported me on my trip to bid a Final Aloha Oe to my father. It gave me great strength and comfort to know that I was not alone on this difficult journey home.

e neʻe i mua me ka ikaika a me ke akua a me ka ʻohana
move forward with strength and god and family ~ right Carolyn?

 As expected, it was very emotional and yet heartwarming to know that my father was loved so much by many. As I was photographing his Celebration Of Life event. People would stop me and tell me stories about how Dad had helped them in their lives. One grabbed me and said, “Your father helped us buy our home by kicking in his commission so we qualified. If it wasn’t for him I would not have stayed in Hawai’i to raise my family. Even after we bought our home your Dad would often drop by with food to see how we were doing . . . “ 

And the stories went on . . . at times I felt like the Son in the movie “Big Fish”, whose father told him of fantastic tales of his past life. Of course his son thought it was nothing more than the ramblings of a senile old man . . . until the Son attended his Dad’s funeral and his Dad’s stories came to life . . . 

“When a man’s stories are remembered then he is immortal.”  ~ Big Fish.

Mahalo to Alan Kristal for reminding me of that. Let’s all keep remembering “Our Stories” as an ‘Ohana.

Images and Youtube of Delfin De la Cruz Medina’s Celebration of Life below:

Yup, that’s Dad being Dad. I believe it’s a Turkey Drumstick from Thanksgiving. He fed the Medina (20+ siblings, Nieces, Nephews, grand kids, great grand kids and extend family) Tribe 2 Turkeys and Lobster Tails almost every T-Day. He sent me this picture to show me what we were missing living in California . . . Click above to view the online album.

Below is the Livestream from that day. It’s a little long and raw but complete.

Delfin De la Cruz Medina, Celebration of Life.

We “committed” his ashes on September 8th, 2022, at the Military Cemetery at Punchbowl Crater on O’ahu. It was a small ceremony attended by close family, friends and military comrades. For those of you who wish to view, here are the links to the Commitment Ceremony.

Even in a steady rain, they stand guard for their Comrade.

And the Livestream from yesterday. I messed up and did not un-mute the microphone so I included some beautiful mele from Reverend Dennis Kamakahi and Friends instead.

Dad in his Nave Dress Blues, Chief Store Keeper.

Btw, our next gathering will be in the evening, on 9/17. Our monthly (almost) end of the month Potluck, 6pm-9pm. Check out the Events Page for details and what you will be bringing for kaukau (Pot Luck).

Some of you may remember seeing Andrew Molina at the Magic Flute a while back, well just like “magic” he’s back! He’ll be holding a 2 hours Concert/Workshop at Magic Flute on Oct 2, 2022. Scan the QR code below for details and to purchase a ticket.


Father’s journey ends,
A Son’s journey continues,
And Memories shared . . . 

– On behalf Nohea, myself, Medina ‘Ohana and Jake . . .

Me ke Aloha Pumehana . . .

… and a special mahalo nui loa to my beloved Nohea for encouraging me to write this.

Mom and Dad in their traditional Barong Tagalog. I believe they were attending a Fil-Am (Filipino-American) Gala.


18 Replies to “090822: No Vanikapila This Saturday”

  1. Aloha Del. Lots of change for sure. So glad you could be with family for the memorial. Your dad sounds like a very special guy that understood connection to others. Wishing you and yours all the best moving forward.

  2. Del, I am sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a wonderful compassionate person. I wish I could have met him. He was blessed to have a son like you.
    My prayers are with your father, you & your family.

  3. Del, Your dad was a wonderful man loved by many. Thanks for sharing his story and am sorry for your loss. Big hug❤️

  4. Thank you for sharing this personal event with us. Seeing the photos of your father’s beautiful smile I see you.
    I am so sorry for your loss but what a beautiful tribute to your father and your family

  5. Mahalo for the update Del! Great to have a glimpse of the ceremony and your father’s friendly smile. It’s comforting knowing how many people loved him and all he did for friends and family. I’m sure he was very proud of you too. Treasure your memories and he will never be truly gone.

  6. Mahalo for sharing the service. Your dad was quite a guy indeed. The saying ” The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” certainly applies to you. Loved the military and family photos. Quite a family resemblance with your brothers! Your shirt was really nice. What was the stole you were wearing? I don’t think it was part of the shirt.
    Nice send off with your songs. Gotta love that turkey leg!

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