062722: No Vanikapila this week. . . again. . .


Aloha UFOhana,

Sorry Vanikapila ‘Ohana, but we’ll be Kanikapila-ing at the Marin County Fair this week, with “Marin County”! Ok, well at least with anyone else from Marin that bring their Ukulele to the Fair. As I mentioned before, the Marin County Fair Organizers are actually encouraging fair goers to bring their Ukes this year. So be sure to spread the word with your Friends and ‘Ohana . . . this could be the beginning of something big . . .

Because of the heat (hopefully no one will faint this year) and need for Hula dancers to move on and off the stage safely I’ve limited the Stage to just the 40 UFOhana Pilots who RSVP’d. If you did not RSVP for this year’s event, you are welcome to participate from the audience. We could definitely use some plants/experienced players out there encouraging the audience.

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A little reminder from Carolyn about the Porchfest T-Shirts post from last week. Be sure to get your orders in this week if you want Carolyn’s Delivery Service!

Napa Porchfest . . .

Some of you may recall that I announced our invitation to perform at the Napa Porchfest on July 31st.

For those of you interested, here’s a link to to the 2022 Porchfest T-Shirts. Pre-order now to save a few $$$. They charge $8 for shipping or if you’re interested, and can place your order within the coming week, Carolyn has volunteered to do ONE pickup run for the ‘Ohana. Email me your T-Shirt order receipts. I will gather them up and forward them to Carolyn. So get your order in ASAP or pay the $8 in shipping. Mahalo Carolyn!

Mahalo nui loa to those of you who attended last week’s Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club Kanikapila or SVWCKani? It was great seeing our Sonoma ‘Ohana after 3 years.

Mahalo to Craig and Linda for providing all the great photos and videos.

Click above to view online album.


hearts swell to rhythms,
graceful arcs traced through the air,
hula poetry . . .

Hope to see you all at the County Fair this Saturday!

For those of you performing on stage, remember to be there by 11am.

Malama Pono,

Hey! No Touchee!


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