061222: Vanikapila 23.22


Alooooha UFOhana,

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the respite from the hot weather. Though it was pretty warm this week, we did have some really “hot” ukulele events this past week.

Starting with a great outdoor Welcoming dinner for the Elks visiting AVP after which we kanikapila’d the night away. Mahalo nui loa to the Elks for including the UFOhana.

Click above to view online photos and videos.

Then Saturday, was Ken’s Concert and Kanikapila at Hale Pendry. What a fantastic event that was. Click below to view the photos and videos from last Saturday. Mahalo nui loa to Carolyn and Ken for putting on such a great event and to all that helped and participated. Please feel free to upload your photos to either of the albums. I’m sure your ‘Ohana would be glad you shared.

So this Saturday we’re back to our regular programming . . .

Click above to join in virtually.

If you’ll be joining us IRL (In Real Life), you’ll need to be fully Vax and boosted. Wearing masks is highly recommended and as always, text me at 415-300-7804 if you’ll be attending IRL.

Remember to text Nohea at 415-572-1175 for song requests if you cannot get through the Live Stream chat.

And a big Congratulations to Marty Albion for being named Marin’s Bike Champion of the Year! Click here to view the Marin IJ article (subscription required).

Mahalo to Don and Gary for sharing . . .

Da ‘kine of the week . . .

From Pidgin to Da Max (full title: Peppo’s Pidgin to Da Max) by Douglas Simonson, Pat Sasaki, and Ken Sakata


mahalo nui,
giving thanks is so simple,
sometimes we forget . . .

Mahalo to Pauline, Don, Lois, Carolyn, Ted, Susan, Kimo, Sandy, Laura, Ralph, Wally, Lynnette, Linda & Marty, Ken, Joe Tato, Melann, Dan-O, Alan K, and my beloved Nohea for all the support you give to the UFOhana and myself during this difficult time in my life. For always being there. Helping with not just with all the heavy gear, setup and tear down, but with making my heart a lot less heavier as well . . . couldn’t (keep) do(ing) it with out you all . . . Me ke aloha pumehana,

Aloha a hui hou,


. . . lookin’ out my back door . . .


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