011022: Vanikapila 3.22


Aloha UFOhana,

Pahea oe kakou (How are you all doing)? Hope you’re all keeping healthy out there. At least we got a little break from the rain, a little cold but thankfully there’s that “Lazy Ol’ Sun . . .” , hmmm, I wonder how Lopaka’s doing?

Btw, big Mahalo to Melann for providing the funds for our 4th Air Purifier! Along with the other 3, providing clean air to Vendola Cafe, to a total of over 1200 sq ft. Btw, Vendola Cafe is just over 600 sq. ft. so I think we’re pretty well covered.

Yet another weapon in our Arsenal of COVID protection devices.

Another Mahalo to our Vanikapila-ers for joining last week’s Ukulele Jam Session (aka Kanikapila) and for your great selection of songs and hulas.

Click above to view online album.

Below, the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Click above this Saturday at 11am to join in Virtually . . .

A Big Congratulations to Nicole Sneath, who is the best Marine Mom ever, and Family!

Yes, word is that Madison made it through Crucible Week and is now an official member of the USMC! Oorah!

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that sent her letters of encouragement and your Alohas.

Madison during water survival training.

We may actually have a chance to see her before she ships out for more training . . . we hope.

A new chapter of life begins for our Keiki.

One I “modified” from a couple years back, seem relevant now . . . well sort of.


from darkness it comes,
first a glimmer then a flame,
the warm light of hope.

Keep vigilante all . . . we’ll get through this together . . . again . . .

Malama Pono Kakou!


Next time you drive Romeo!


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