110821: Vanikapila 45.21


Aloha from (mostly) Sunny Hawai’i,

Hope this week’s bay area storm isn’t as bad as the last and that we’re finally getting the “Kinder, Gentler Storms” that we need to slowly and safely replenish our water reserves.

Mahalo to all that helped Nohea with our Hale in my absence.

I want to especially send a sincerest Mahalo Nui Loa out to everyone that sent their Alohas and good thoughts to my Father this past week. I’m sure all that mana had a lot to do with saving his one good eye.

The Doctors were able to relieve the pressure causing the blindness, however he won’t be able to lay down in bed anymore if he’s to keep his vision. Fortunately, like a Polar Bear, he’s quite able to fall asleep in any position, though some less comfortable than others. My sister found some foam blocks online for his bed that will allow him to sleep in a “Zero Gravity” position. There’s not much they can do for his hearing though.

I am so blessed to have such good sisters that provide them with 24/7 in house care. Though I really don’t know how they’ve kept their sanity. In his more lucid moments my Father has softly expressed a similar sentiment.

I was able to provide them with a short, but welcome, break from caregiving during my short stay. Even if it’s only to provide Chauffer / Parent Sitting services, or even emotional support.

So the goodish news is that he’s still got his vision, is (somewhat) ambulatory, but quite frail and not able to stand on his own. In spite of their condition, I can see that having grand children and great grand children (13 total) visiting regularly and running around the house has provided both of them with a joy I hope to someday experience. But maybe on a smaller scale. Though our UFOhana does provide a joy of its own, not to mention my dearest Nohea.

So, the other goodish news, I’ll be back in time for this week’s usual 11am-1pm Saturday Vanikapila!

Click above to join in this Saturday.

Because of the rain, we’ll hold it indoors once again. As usual, open only for fully vaxed ‘Ohana Members. Please text me at 415-300-7804 if you will be attending so we can figure out the seating. Also, if you can’t get through the Live Stream Chat, text Nohea (Linda) at 415-572-1175 for song request, comments, etc.

So, some of you may have heard of the term “Coconut Wireless.” Well, take a close look at the Coconut Tree below, center.

Check out the Coconut Tree in the distance . . .

Still don’t see it? Here’s a close up . . .

It’s actually a “Wireless Coconut Tree” cell tower! Located right next to Zippy’s Pearl City (my favorite Local Kine Grinds place). I wonder if they do banana trees too. Nah, too short, Papayas?

Strangely enough, there were no chickens this time around.

Below, images of my short jaunts between my parents wake, meals and rest times.

Click above to view online album.


we feel with our souls,
we remember and recall,
we love with our hearts.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Manuela Cat


2 Replies to “110821: Vanikapila 45.21”

  1. Aloha Del,
    Sending prayers for your Dad , you and family. I’m sure your presence is warming his heart

    Does your Dad have Kaiser? If so, you can ask for an electric bed to keep him raised for wedged blocks and special pillows. Kaiser dropped the ball on my mom til my cousin told me about this for her Mom or at least pick up stuff and use his Medicare coverage. I’ve retired as a Kaiser employee and can teach you the ropes
    Take care

    1. Mahalo for the tip Char. We considered the electric bed, but Mom wants him next to him even though he’s on “the blocks”. All part of being together for 72 years I guess.

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