072621: Vanikapila 31.21


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

What an unbelievable joyous time we had this past week!

I just want to extend a heartfelt mahalo nui loa all of you that made this past week’s events so special . . . I’m sure Marion was right there providing us with the great weather, the soft breezes, a full moon and her spirit of aloha.

Click Marion to view her Kanikapila.

That following Saturday we were treated to an amazing concert from Ken Emerson . . . Mahalo nui Brudda Ken!

Click Ken to view his Concert.

Click below for this Saturday’s Vanikapila.


Ethereal light,
Maiden of the night greets us,
Marion smiles down . . .

From Nohea and Myself . . . me ke aloha pumehana . . . to the best ‘Ohana ever!


Thank you Aunty Marion . . . Love Jake.


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