071421: Vanikapila 29.21


Alooooha UFOhaaaaaana!

We’ll looks like the weather fooled us again this past Sunday and it ended up being a nice day out at Woodacre after all. Apologies to all that made the effort to register, and to Ralph and Karen for us flaking out again.

Though I have to admit I did welcome the R&R after the Friday and Saturday gigs. I must be getting old . . .

We’ll try again soon, this time we’ll be going for a late afternoon, early evening, Kanikapila w/ a Pot Luck. Stay tuned for details.

Marion at the Napa Aloha Fair Kanikapila

We’re planning a 1 year memorial for Marion Boyd. I’ve decided to hold it on July 23, Friday at UFOHQ/Vendola Cafe/Kahua 51. It was where she started attending our Kanikapila and first joined our ‘Ohana.

We’re going to hold a Friday Night/Potluck in her honor. She would often tell me, while we were sitting at the lunch counter at Bogie’s, how much she enjoyed spending the evening, singing, playing, dancing and laughing with friends. “Delfeeen, you know what? This recharges my be nice to people batteries!” she would say and I would have to agree.

As many of you may remember, Marion managed the Marin Cultural Services Center and was instrumental (pun intended) in introducing the UFOhana and Ukulele to the County Fair. Oh yeah, she managed the County Fair as well, as I’m sure many of you remember. One can only image the stress that must have been for her. It’s no wonder she needed a “recharge” now and then.

Check out the Events Calendar for Marion’s Kanikapila here and please register if you will be attending. Be ready to share a story, hula, mele or a memory of Marion. Hope to see you there . . . Mahalo.

As some of you may have recall, I mentioned that the amazing, multi-talented, awe inspiring, but humble, Ken Emerson (aka Mr. Kalohe helu ʻekahi) will be returning for another House Concert with the UFOhana and Friends on 7/24, 11a-1pm. Details and Registration Link posted on the Events Calendar.

It’s 1:04 pm, do you know where your Ken is? Did I mention he was funny too?

Last week was another great turn out for our IRL (In Real Life) Kanikapila. We Celebrated Lois’ Birthday with delicious Cup Cakes (Mahalo Nui Carolyn!).

Mahalo nui loa to Pauline for setup and to everyone that helped with tear down. Again please text me at 415-300-7804 to let me know you’ll be attending and if you want an indoor (8 seats available) or outdoor seat. Text 415-572-1175 if you can’t get through on our Livestream chat for Song Requests or comments (too loud! what paaaage! Is this last week’s vanikapila?).

Click below to view last week’s Vanikapila Images.

. . . and the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila . . .

Oh the Humanity . . . .

I know how he feels!


another year gone,
marking time by who remains,
as we strum away.

Malana Pono Kakou!


Wha . . . squirrel! Wha . . . squirrel! Wha . . . squirrel! Wha . . . squirrel! Wha . . . squirrel! Wha . . . squirrel!


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