052521: Vanikapila 22.21


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Another week closer to Summer! Unfortunately, still no rain in sight although there was some snow up in the Sierras I heard.

We can hope . . . keep conserving everyone!

Mahalo to attendees of last week’s Vanikapila and our backyard Kanikapila for helping with setup and tear down, and for sharing your Aloha with us all.

We certainly had a full house last week as you can see from the online album. So nice to reconnect, physically, with our ‘Ohana from a year past.

Click above to view online album.

To those of you who RSVP’d for our June 5th BBQ.

We’ve decided to do a “Paniolo Night” dress theme to go with the idea of a Backyard BBQ. So please do come in your finest Na Vaqueros / Paniolo / Hawaiian Cowboy outfits, boots, belt buckles, bolos, chaps, 10 Gallon Hats, etc. Horses, optional . . . well may be not. Examples below.

Keiki Paniolo
Jimmy Gones, Paniolo
Kamehameha Day Parade Paniolo
Las Vaqueras

Details of the June 5th event below . . .

UFOhana BBQ:

Date: June 5th, Saturday
Where: Vendola Cafe (backyard), Down by the port in San Rafael.

4pm – 6pm Vanikapila/Outdoor Kanikapila (live streaming).

6pm – 9ish BBQ! During which we can play/eat/play/eat/play oh and Hula/play/eat/play some more/ etc . . .

Menu: BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Potato Salad. Alan and Rhoda will be bring some desserts to share with the ‘Ohana. Please feel free to anything you’d like to share as well.

BYOBeverage! Vendola Cafe will provide plates, utensils, etc.


For those of you who missed Madison’s talk last month . . .

. . . check it out below!

Click above to view Madison’s Talk.

Mahalo Madison for sharing and for the great talk topic!

This Saturday’s Vanikapila, click the image below.

Click above this Saturday to join in . . .

Below, Melann’s new Real Estate Company. That’s her boss! Talk about the Market getting competitive!

Buy with Honor!


life with every breath,
with every thought think of love,
share your aloha.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


My phone! Where’s my phone????


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