020621: Vanikapila 7.21 (aka 6.21 Hana Hou!)


Aloha UFOhana,

As many of you may know we had major issues connecting to our YouTube Live Stream this morning. As a result our VUFOhana could not join us here at Vendola Cafe, aka UFOHQ, aka Nohea’s and Del’s Hale.

I finally figured out , about an hour ago, what was going on. Apparently OBS, our streaming software, installed something called a “Web Socket Fix” in the last update that prevented a consistent connection with YouTube. Everything else worked fine otherwise.

It was pretty simple fix to just uninstall it. But the tough part was finding it as it was not part of the main OBS software, but an separate module. So no matter how many times I uninstalled, reinstalled and reconfigured a fresh copy of OBS the problem remained.

It wasn’t till I dug down a little deeper did I find the culprit. The irony of all this was the update was supposed to fix connection issues with “web based socket connections”, apparently it broke ours instead. Nothing in Google mentions this issue, so I guess we’re unique in that respect. As a result there’s nothing to (re)view on our YouTube channel either.

Anyway, such is the nature of Free/Open Source software and why monkeys can’t do my job yet. Sorry to those of you that missed this week’s Vanikapila.

I ran a few tests and we should be good for next week. The Live Stream Link below. Keep your fingers crossed.

We have photos of the outdoor kanikapila below. It was a perfect day for strumming in the backyard. Text me at 415-300-7804 if you’ll be joining us in the Vendola Cafe Backyard this coming Saturday. We sure to dress for sun and to wear a mask. We do have custom designed PPE Masks available for purchase for those in need.

Take note of Sandy’s Fancy Pant’s Band at the top, very cool!

You might have notice our UFOhana Keiki, Madison up above in the red fancy pants. She has an important website you should check out: https://wewillbegirls.com/ . Her mission statement below:

Our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate the voices of females everywhere through creative expression. We Will Be Girls is a twist on the saying ‘boys will be boys’. Boys will be boys is an excuse to dismiss poor actions made by males, particularly in instances of sexual harassment and violence.

We will not say ‘girls will be girls’ because we don’t want to devalue any situation based on gender. We Will Be Girls is an inspiring phrase to unite the universal and personal female experience. As of now, We Will Be Girls has just one person running this website. But I say “About Us” and “Our Mission” in plural, because this isn’t about me. This is about you. It is about every single female because through every difference we have, we have these similar struggles. I hope you will take a look at all of the creativity currated here, as well as the resources we have provided. Our struggles are heavy topics and it is important to get support from others when revisiting trauma.

So nice to see our Keiki growing up with such Ikaika (strength) and hemolele pono (virtuous). You go Madison!

Some of you may be wondering what ever became of that Life In A Day video that we entered a while back. Well here’s the official answer:

LIFE IN A DAY – Thank you

Kevin Macdonald join@lifeinaday2020.com via sendinblue.com
Fri, Feb 5, 9:37 AM (1 day ago)


Firstly, thank you for taking part in this extraordinary project. It is finally finished and ready to share with the world.

We spent two months last summer watching the footage we received. The opportunity to see the world through your eyes was an incredible experience for everyone involved, and we can’t thank you enough for sharing a snapshot of your lives with us.

Ultimately of the 324,000 entries we received, I was only able to include a tiny fraction, from just 500 filmmakers. So if you haven’t already heard from us, I wasn’t able to include your footage.

(If I could have included just a few seconds from each entry, the finished film would be 270 hours long!)

‘Life in a Day 2020’ is going live this Saturday 6th at 5pm UK time at http://www.youtube.com/lifeinaday (I embedded the official video below – Del)

I have done my best to create a film that captures July 25th 2020 and is an expression of the extraordinary range of material so many people so generously shared. I hope you enjoy watching it, and see this as your film too – it could not have been made without you.

See you in 2030!


So we didn’t make it . . . this time . . . but . . .

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that participated and to Wali for all the effort he put in in building our wonderful entry.

For those of you who missed it, click below to view our entry (actually the “Director’s Cut”). Which will remain as a legacy to our UFOhana Uhane (Spirit) during the COVID event.


in silent panic,
streams of possible causes,
kani must go on.

Ok, I think that’s all I have for now. Mahalo nui to you all for your support and patience . . . Nohea and SqL.

Malama Pono ka kou!


Oooh! An update for OBS! I sure he won’t mind if I install this for him.

2 Replies to “020621: Vanikapila 7.21 (aka 6.21 Hana Hou!)”

  1. Glad you found the ghost in the machine!

    Great photo, Madison! Love your mission. Your Ohana supports you!

    1. Mahalo Ted! It certainly felt like a “Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex”! I’m thinking I may build a “backup machine” for the “JIC” (Just In Case).

      Aloha, C U Sat.

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