111020: Vanikapila Kanakolu kūmākahi (#31)


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Yes, believe it or not, we are on our way to our 8th Month of Vanikapilas. I hope you’ve all been keeping safe and well out there in Cyber Space.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that have participated in our Vanikapilas and have assisted with keeping our Outdoor Kanikapila safe and comfortable for everyone. Mahalo to those of have donated to both PIKOhana and the UFOhana!

Let’s all hope the old regime will see reason and finally allow our Newly Elected President to start his work on controlling this virus . . .

. . . . ok, probably not. But we can hope, after all it’s what got us this far.

Keep wearing your masks everyone! Linda will make more!

Click below for images from last Saturday’s Vani/OK/pila.

Below, the link to this Saturday’s Vanikapila.

Click above to connect.
Mmmmmmm, the Bass is strong with this one . . . play or play not . . . there is no try.


one by one we choose,
carefully they are counted,
denial begins.

Keep the faith all!

Malama Pono Kakou,



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