052020: Vanikapila Ono


Aloha UFOhana,

We’re on our way to Vanikapila Numba Six la dat! Click below to access it on Saturday. Mahalo Nui Loa to all that send their Mana through the Internet and into our Chat Room and Texts to Nohea (Linda: 415-572-1175). Your comments and requests really add to the feeling of ‘Ohana.

Mahalo for Brudda Ted for your Great Paani and Meles. Mahalo Lynnette for joining us again. Btw, I installed a bigger mixer so we can plug your mic in next time! Mahalo for being such a good sport and lending us your great mana.

I know we were having some issues with hearing the bass last week. I did some troubleshooting and found that the microphone on the Bass was failing. I’ve replaced it and it seems to be working now. Thank you all for bringing this to my attention.

Like I said “a work in progress”. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Some sad new from Hawai’i, I’m sure most of you already know. William Awihilima Kahaiali‘i, aka “Uncle Willie K” passed away this past Monday, May 18th. There’s an article in the local “paper”, StarAdvertiser, about him, you can access it here.

Below Willie K performing with the Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy 4 years ago! What a great experience for the Keiki and how gracious of Willie K!

Aloha Oe and Mahalo for sharing your gift of mele with us Brudda Willie!

On a bitter sweet note. Google honored another Hawaiian Legend that has, unfortunately, passed on sometime ago, via their animated “Doodle”. Very well and sensitively done, they even took the trouble of syncing his lips to some of the lyrics. They even included a scene from his Ocean Service out at Makua Beach. One of my favorite surfing hangouts in my (very) younger years.

Maika’i Loa Google! Mahalo Nui Loa!

Click above to view Iz Doodle

I believe that Iz’s last concert, just before he passed away, was here at the Marin Center. Mahalo Marion for giving us the opportunity to experience them both!

We are all so lucky to have experienced their talent in our life time.

Click below for last week’s Studio images . . .

Nohea and Nohea’s Poʻokiʻi (masks) up above.


deep inside the box,
soft melody drifts upward,
lifting heavy hearts.

Long weekend ahead, hope you all have a great Memorial Holiday!

Malama Pono Kakou,


Ok, and one more, and two more, and . . . feel the burn . . . push . . . push . . . lick . . . repeat!


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    1. Aloha Kim,

      We have gig books available here at our home for $20. We also have the complete Volume Series bound in a single book (Volumes 1, 2, 3 almost 1000 pages of songs) for $60.


  1. Thanks, Del, for sharing that beautiful piece with the kids. So sad to see Willie K go away. He was VERy special to me and Jack. Just think, Jack gets to see him on the other side! And thanks to you and the gang for the open houses these Saturdays. I love singing along!

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