031220: PIKOhana HQ


Aloha Kakahiaka UFOhana,

I want to express a heartfelt Mahalo Nui Loa from the Medina Tribe for all the prayers, Aloha and positive mana you sent to my father.

He’s home now, in the arms of his love of 70 years. I can tell he’s feeling better, as is Mom. They are blissfully cursing, teasing and loving each other for making the other so worried.

Worried . . . we’re still guarded about Dad’s high BP, my sisters are doing shifts sleeping in the room with them. I’m so lucky to have such great sisters. I do want I can with the chauffeuring, food runs, etc. but the sisters have the care giving process down to a science.

The Drs. are thinking the high BP may be the blockage in his kidneys, which seems to have gotten better just as I was about to arrive in Hawaii. “Power of Prayer” from our ‘Ohana? I’ll take it! He still has other health issues to deal with, I’m taking him to Drs. for another exam and report on the biopsies so keep those prayers and alohas coming!

I also want to wish you all a Happy Anniversary. This Friday is our 20th Year of Kanikapilas. We’ll be sure to celebrate it once I return from Hawaii. But in the meantime, if you could all play a song on your Ukulele’s at 7pm on Friday (your time) for me and my family that would be great. Be sure to send out Westward towards the sunset . . . we’ll call it a self quarantined Kanikapila?

Before I go I want to share the below News Articles in today paper. Click the image to view the articles. So good to see that Ukulele is alive and well here in the piko.

woa! check out that Pagoda Island buffet! oh, Taimane’s not bad too . . .

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Del (aka -=SqL=-), Nohea and Jake


4 Replies to “031220: PIKOhana HQ”

  1. Dearest Del,

    Thank you for your good news message that your father is back home with the love of his life, you, our Squadron Leader, your sweet saintly sisters and family.
    What is a favorite song of your father’s and one for you?
    We will play and sing your songs with our very best Aloha spirits facing westward from Sausalito to Pearl City, Hawaii tomorrow at 7 PM.
    Oh, Holy One, lay your healing, loving hands upon Del’s father. Let him know the peace that passes all understanding as he is accompanied by his devoted son, Del, to his doctor appointment ,where he receives the medical care he needs in order to remain his perfect self, now. For these and all the blessings of this life make us truly grateful. Thank you. Amen.

    Lid, Maryland

  2. Glad things are settling down a bit and your dad. All the best to you and your family. Looking forward to your return and getting all the strings back in harmony !

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