040124: Vanikapila 12.24


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

From Nohea, Jake and myself, Mahalo nui loa for the great Vanikapila yesterday. We even had own Easter Wabbit strumming with us . . . eh, Wat’s up Doc, uh, Don?

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Just an early heads up. Come April 12, we’ll be at the Elks for Kanikapila and Dinner.

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And finally this surprise message from Madison:

Aloha Unko! I hope you’re doing well. I have some news I wanted to share with you that you can feel free to share with the rest of the Ohana 🙂

I’m married to Marquise! We haven’t had a ceremony, but we have established our covenant between us and God. We plan on having a ceremony once we’re both out of the Marine Corps (2026). I can’t wait until you can meet him and we could all play ukulele together 😋 he’s an amazing singer, but I’ll have to give him some ukulele lessons!

Congratulations Madison and Marquise! Hope to see you both soon!

Ok, I’m feeling the effect my allergy pills so I’m keeping this one short.

From Nohea, Jaike and Myself, for those of you who did celebrate, Hauʻoli Lā Pakoa (Happy Easter)!


eyes glowing with joy,
beginning two lives as one,
as the sun rises.

Malama Pono a pau,


Anybody for the Hilo Hop? What?


032524: Vanikapila 11.24


Hauʻoli lā Pōʻakahi a pau,

“Happy” Monday everyone!

I know it’s a work day for some of us, yours truley included, but at least it a beautiful work day and a very good beginning to a week leading up to another Sunny K(v)anikapila!

I know it’s a silver lining / glass half full / at least the weeds in the front yard are green / thing . . . but we do what we can until we no can?

We had a busy weekend and here are images from the past 3 days.

I had mentioned at our last Vanikapila that a group of us were invited to the Lynwood / San Ramon Elementary School Vanikapila. There were just a little more (junior) Ukulele Pilots there than our usual UFOhana Kanikapila, about 224 (!) or so not counting the teachers and parents . . .

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It was an amazing, heart warming, event put on by our very own Lynnette Boosey, music teacher for both schools.

Thanks to your generous donations, PIKOhana was able to donate 10 colorful Ukuleles to raffle off to the keiki and they were excited! Check out the photos above.

What a great way to start the weekend.

Mahalo for the great turn out this past Saturday and to those of you who registered for the event. It’s been very helpful to Nohea (Linda) and me knowing ahead of time, the size of the UFOhana Squadron coming in for Aloha Refueling.

Below, images from our Saturday Vanikapila.

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And here the link to our next Vanikapila.

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After a fun Saturday, Nohea and I decide to take Carolyn’s Q5 out to the coast . . .

It was a sunny, but (40mph+) cold windy day up on the ridge.

Some sad news this past weekend.

Another UFOhana Pilot has flown West . . .

Kuki, pictured below with her partner Bev, passed away this past Sunday. There will be a memorial for her on April 6th at 1pm. Not sure about the Church yet.

A few images below of her and Bev’s time with the UFOhana.

Here’s an interesting article about her retirement from the College of Marin. Apparently she was quite an athlete.

I also found out that she lived less than a mile away from where I grew up in Pearl City, Hawaii (note the white Pearl City shirt she’s wearing above).

Besides playing Ukulele, and being a great cook, she also knew hula and danced Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer for us at one of our Fairfaix Winter Faires. It was definitely a high light at that fair.

Diane “Kuki” Kukahiko
Aloha oe Kuki


there on the surface,
on the sea of memories,
we wave aloha.

Aloha maikaʻi nā kānaka a pau (Be well everyone),


aloha aunty kuki . . .