122418: Friday & Saturday Kanikapila = UFOHQ


Just wanting to post this one a little early and wish a Mele Kalikimaka to our beloved UFOhana!

On behalf of Nohea, Jake and myself I want to send a very heartfelt Mahalo Nui Loa to you all for sharing your Aloha, warmth and generous gifts with us this past Friday and Saturday. It really amazes me and now much positive energy this Ohana can generate when we get together, and it’s all because of this teeny little instrument. I can’t imagine life without one, well maybe two, or three . . . anyway it’s definitely part of our DNA now.

So this Friday we’re meeting at the UFOHQ at our usual run time of 7pm-10pm. We’ve decided to give everyone a break and make an “Theme-less” night. Though we’re still doing a Bring Yummy Food (PotLuck) theme of sorts, BYOMusic Stands and always some spare Aloha to go around. Though that doesn’t seem to be a problem with our group.

Saturday we’ll also be at the UFOHQ at our usual time of 2-4pm. BYOBS (no Gary, that Beverages and Snacks), also BYOBlahBlahBlahBlah . . . anyway you folks know the routine and please text me at 4153007804 if you need a seat.

Last Friday Ugly Sweater / PJ Kanikapila

Click below for images of the Ugly Sweater / PJ festivities last Friday.

Saturday Kanikapila with Ken Emerson

So last Saturday we thought we’d have a nice quiet Kanikapila since we were all so rowdy the night before. Then Carolyn brings this guy Ken Emerson along with Lois and well . . . . let’s just say that we hope he comes back! Suffice to say that ukulele heavens parted when he played lap steel (insert angelic choir here – Ah aaaaa) and I’m told he really rips on his teeny little soprano ukulele, which he didn’t get to play this time around. I mean after all, just how many times can one person part the heavens in a day? But all kidding aside, Mahalo Carolyn and Lois for sharing Ken with the Ohana. Mahalo to Ken for being such a great sport and for sharing his Aloha, A Hui Hou Brudda!

There’s another week ahead of us, Malama Pono everyone, keep dry and warm. Don’t forget to share the Aloha, lots of tense drivers and shoppers out there!

Indigo glowing,
Luna parts the night’s abyss,
Warmth in the darkness.

Mele Kalikimaka a pau,


Sheesh, what a weekend I’m bushed!


121718: Friday=Ugly Sweater and or PJ Night at UFOHQ. Saturday=Not So Ugly Sweater or PJ Day at UFOHQ


Aloha UFOhana,

Can you believe we’re almost at the the end of another year? And what an eventful year it was huh? Speaking of events, be sure not to miss our Ugly Christmas Sweater and or PJ night this Friday at the UFOHQ at our usual run time of 7pm to 10pm. BYKaukau (Pot Luck), BYOMusicStands, BYOBeverages, BYALOOOOOHA! I know, you saw that one coming . . . again.

For inspiration, here are some images from UCSPJ Nights past.

Speak No…. Hear No…. ok, maybe peak some…. Christmas Elves 
Sandy and Marion with their matching PJ’s from HIlo Hatties

In contrast to this weeks UCS Night, we had quite a few Red, Green and Bling dresser uppers from last Friday. Dan-O even showed up in a Christmas Suite and Al in a red mohair dinner jacket! Not to mention the lovely ladies, our very own Lynnette in a, OMG!, fabulous dinner dddddreeessss! Anyway, check it out below by clicking on the collage. You have to see Dan-O doing Tutu E in a suit no less!

Click above to access Red, Green and Bling Night at the Elks

This Saturday we’re gathering at the UFOHQ at our usual time of 2p-4p. For those of you who might miss Friday’s Theme Night, we’re calling this the Hana HO NO! Not So Ugly Sweater Day, please feel free to wear your Ugly Sweaters if you like and PJ too. We figure Christmas comes just once a year so why not. BYOB&S (Beverages and Snacks), BYOMusicStands and any Aloha you have left from the week.

Last Saturday we were treated to a Kane Hula Extravaganza and a special Rudolph the Red Nose Menehune / Reindeer Hula from Kuki . . . click below to see the fun . . . 

So, onward to Kalikimaka Day! Please text me at 415-300-7804 if you need to RSVP a seat from Friday and/or Saturday.

Before time began,
Messengers fall from the sky,
Melodies of life.

Be well, stay warm, stay dry and hope you stay coming!

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Dang! Fruit Cake again????


121018: Red, Green & Bling Ball at the Elks this Friday!


Aloha UFOhana,

In honor of the upcoming Holidays, Nohea is requesting, since everyone did such a great job at the Winter Ball, one more “dress up” event at the Elks this Friday (where we’re meeting ko-inki-dink-ka-li). We’re calling this one the Red, Green & Bling ball. So dress in your finest Reds, Greens and Bling outfits (or not), grab a carriage and trot on down to our favorite Elks Lodge. Oh, don’t forget to BYOGear (Music Stands and Lights), some $$$ for dinner and, of course, some Aloha to go around.

We’re gathering this Friday at our usual time of 7:00pm to 9:00pm-ish. For those interested, dinner will be served at 6:30. Menu is Italian, Justin’s Lasagna (made from scratch). Mahalo Nui to the Elks-ders for hosting us once again.


Saturday we’re gathering at the UFOHQ 2pm – 4pm. BYOMusicStands, BYOB&S (Beverages and Snacks) and some Holiday Cheer to share with your Ohana. Please text me at 415-300-7804 to RSVP a seat for Saturday.

As many of you may know, last week was a very eventful one. We Kanikapila’d at the Campbell Hall, the Fairfax Christmas Craft Fair and at Gnoss Air Field for their Holiday Dinner. Action packed to say the least!

Click below (in order of appearance) for images from last week’s Kanikapila.

Campbell Hall
Fairfax Christmas Craft Fair
Gnoss Air Field Holiday Party

Ken Mercer, President of the Gnoss Field Community Association, sends the following, ” . . . we had such a blast because of you guys-your upbeat energy was just what this group of old folks needed, and we really appreciate it. Hope you all have a great Christmas season!”

 OK, now THAT was a party! This was our 4th annual GFCA/EAA Chapter 1232/Marin 99s/CAP Squadron 23 Holiday Potluck, and this year we really seemed to have hit on the right combination of friends, food, and family. In this case, “family” was the group Ukelele Friends Ohana, who brought their high-energy, cheery sing along and inclusive Hula dancing. The food and drink was great and since we ran out of chairs we know we had over 64 people on hand at one time.   We sure missed those of you who couldn’t make it, but check out some photos from the event  HERE!

OK, now THAT was a party! This was our 4th annual GFCA/EAA Chapter 1232/Marin 99s/CAP Squadron 23 Holiday Potluck, and this year we really seemed to have hit on the right combination of friends, food, and family. In this case, “family” was the group Ukelele Friends Ohana, who brought their high-energy, cheery sing along and inclusive Hula dancing. The food and drink was great and since we ran out of chairs we know we had over 64 people on hand at one time. – GFCA

My sincerest thanks to all of you that participated and made these events so special and enjoyable. Nohea and I are so fortunate to have such a fun, caring and supportive ‘Ohana. From us both, “Me ke Aloha Pumehana.”

the curve of a smile,
shining memories return,
a moment recalled.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


120518: Friday=Campbell Hall, Saturday=Fairfax Fair & Gnoss Air Field . . .


Aloha Ahi Ahi Ka Kou (Good Evening All),

Looks like the cold and rain is upon us again. Hope you’re all keeping warm and dry out there, “Winter Is Coming” as they say in The Game of . . .

Friday Kanikapila at Campbell Hall

We’ll be at Campbell Hall this Friday at our usual time of 6:30p to 9:00p. BYPL (Bring Your Pot Luck – maybe Comfort Food?), BYOGear (Music stands and Book Lights) and BYMahalo and Aloha for Reverend Chip and his congregation for opening up their beautiful venue to us once again.

Last Friday was our “Winter Ball Night” at the Elks. Mahalo to all that took the effort to dress up and share their finery with us. There were some fabulous looking Prom Queens out there! Click below and see for yourself.

2018 Winter Ball Kanikapila at the Elks

Mahalo to all of you who participated in the spirit of that special night.

Last Saturday was the Great SMART Train Mea pāʻani na Keiki (Toys for Tots) Kanikapila. Mahalo Nui Loa to all that braved the cold weather, assisted with setup, then performed for 2 hours, then helped with tear down, along with donating Toys and for generally just “keeping each other company.” Though the audience was sparse, there was no lack of UFOhana spirit at the event! As Marion said, “We sure know how to keep each other entertained.” Click below for online album.

Petaluma SMART Station – Toys for Tots Kanikapila 

Saturday Day Kani at the Fairfax Christmas Fair

Yes, it’s that time of the year and we’ve been invited once again to play at the Fairfax Christmas Craft Fair. Mahalo to Jack Irving and the Fairfaxian Elders for keeping us in mind. We’ll be back on the main stage in the Pavillion, click here for directions.

We’re scheduled to play 11:30a to 12:30p. We’ve only got an hour so be there no later than 11:00! BYOGear (Music Stands), BYOChristmas Books from last year (if you still have them), I’ll bring some just in case. We have limited stage space so please buddy up on music stands. Dress Hawaiian Christmas Festive (Bright Happy Colors / Christmas Bling) if you can. I’ll need help with setup and tear down if anyone’s available, I should be there by 10:30. Mahalo and kala mai iaʻu (I’m sorry) for the short notice.

Saturday Night Kani at Gnoss Field

After the Fair, Saturday evening, we’ll be playing at the Gnoss Field Community Association’s Holiday Party. We play 6pm – 8:30pm See below for details, click the image below to access their website. BYOGear, BYOGigBook, and the Christmas Manual from Fairfax. Also, if you’re up to it, some of us are dressing “Aeronautical”. I understand we may even have Amelia Earhart, late era Fighter Pilots (Goose, Iceman, Maverick?) and First Class Flight Attendants make an appearance!

Please bring a Potluck to share with the GFCA Ohana if you’ll be having dinner with us.

Directions to Gnoss, from their President Ken Mercer, below:

Address: 451 Airport Road, Novato

As Binford Road brings you to the main airport parking lot turn right and go about 500 feet to the building with the flagpole (county administration building)-the big hangar that’s attached to that building is where the event will be.

   Be sure to RSVP!

Btw, if anyone out there needs Christmas Aloha attire. Nohea does have a few Christmas Vintage Aloha shirts available. The newest addition, below, is a vintage special edition, size XXL, Tommy Bahama from 2006. Available for $50, text her 415-572-1175 if you’re interested.

Tommy Bahama: 2006 Let the Good Times Roll
Shirt Detail

Ok, I’m just about pooped from thinking about what’s coming up . . . I need to start recharging my internal Kanikapila Battery. Hope to you all this Friday and weekend! Stay dry and warm . . . 

gentle feather touch,
ensuring tender whispers,
calms the rage within.



Yeah, Yeah! Merry Ho! Ho!