052219: Fri=SR Elks, Sat=SVWC

Aloha UFOhana,

We’re back from Fresno, survived the deluge on the way. Mahalo to the Fresno Away team (Sandy, Wally, Susan and Dan-O) for all the support and great music. Mahalo Nui Loa to Joe Tato and the Elk-ders for all the support they provided during the mission!

Long night but gooooood fun!

Check our Event Calendar @ https://ufohana.org/events/ for details on this week’s Kanikapilas. Don’t forgot about the 1st Annual (EVER) Lei Making Contest this Friday!


invisible force,
slowly we drift into song,
rhythm binds us all . . .

Hope you all had a great time off last week. We’ll see you folks this weekend!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Hey! Where’s the Sports Section?


051519: Fri=Fresno, Sat=No Kanikapila


Aloha All,

As some of you may already know, we’ll be at the Double Tree Convention Center in Fresno this Friday. You’re welcome to join us if any of you are in the area? Check here for details. Btw, if you have friends in the Fresno area please do pass this onto them.

However, if you don’t want to drive all that way, consider attending the Lynwood’s 4th grade Ukulele Orchestra this Friday instead. Conducted by our one and only Lynnette Boosey. Click here for more info.

Speaking of Elementary Schools. We had the opportunity to perform with Madison at a Multicultural Event at Rancho Elementary School today. Click below for images from that event.

Click here for last Friday’s Kanikapila.

Last Saturday San Rafael was treated to a walk down memory lane, or maybe a drive? Click below for images from last Saturday’s May Madness Car Show.

Original Owner?

After the May Madness we had little madness of our own . . .

Click above for last Saturday’s Kanikapila

We’ll be driving back Saturday from Fresno, so we won’t make it back in time for our Saturday Kanikapila. We’ll see you folks next week!


Slowly as we breath,
Infinitely small moments,
So our lives move on . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,


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