090920: Vanikapila #22


Aloha Pehea ‘Oe?

You’re all doing well I hope and that you managed to get some quality rest time this Labor Holiday. I know that the heat has been apocalyptic as of late and today seemed like we were living on Mars in the middle of a Nuclear Winter.

“Mars. Standing on Belvedere Island looking at Sausalito, 9:00 this morning.” – photo by Jen Jensen on nextdoor.com.

I’m beginning to wonder if Nostradamus was right? Well anyway, with his kind of pessimism I’m sure he didn’t play the Ukulele. Not like these intrepid UFOK-ers below . . .

Click above to view the album.

. . . who beamed down from their stasis pods to participate in last week’s Vanikapila. Like the one coming up below . . .

Sandy says, “You know what to click!”

If you want to participate in the Outdoor Kanikapila, weather permitting, please text me at 415-300-7804 to RSVP. Bring your own Space Suits and/or PPEs, which are available at UFOSQL, should you need a refresh on your inventory. The latest Halloween collection below . . .


Small actions in life,
Ripples across forever,
Just toss the pebble . . .

Take care everyone, stay safe, stay healthy and Strum On!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


We come to pees, take us to your litter!

Pssst . . . for UFOhana Pilots only . . . . if you’d like to see a preview of our Life in the Day video click here.


090220: Vanikapila Iwakālua kūmākahi (#21)


Aloha UFOhana,

Another week almost gone, another Vanikapila on the horizon, #21 actually. So weird that we’ve actually gone this long without a regular Kanikapila. Considering that we’ve manage to make it this far, safely, I guess we should all count our blessing.

On behalf of Nohea and myself, Mahalo Nui Loa, once again, to all of you who help us make this happen every week. You are all a blessing I give thanks for in my prayers to our higher power.

Below, the link for Saturday’s Vanikapila.

You know where to click . . .

Below, click the collage to view images from last Saturday Vanikapila.

So early this week I got a request that we play Sultans of Swing this Saturday. Because of the following cool Ukulele video.

Rick actually arrange the song for us and is in Book3 Page 232. Fortunately, it’s in the same key as the Dire Straits video below. So you can practice along for this Saturday’s Vanikapila. It’s got some pretty fast chord changes but it’d be cool to play as a group.

Ok, I’m pretty tired from my annual 2 day cleaning of my Man Cave . . .

Day 1, Hour 8 . . . I found the missing DVD at last!!!!!

So I’m going to cut it short tonight. Mahalo Nui for all the Hauoli La Hanaus! Nice to be remembered by you all. Me ke aloha pumehana.


we journey through life,
infinite choices abound,
there is not enough . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou, Malama Pono!


i dunno what the big deal is . . . I’ve been in isolation for years . . . well except for these two whatchamacallits. . .