UFOHQ Concert Series Alert!

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Steel and Kihoalu Guitar master, Ken Emerson is returning to the UFOHQ November 16! Click here for details and to reserve a seat.

About Ken . . .

His original compositions and performances on ‘Slack Key Guitar Vol 2’ (Palm Records) helped bring in the first ever 2005 GRAMMY award for Hawaiian music. See Below for details.

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Ken plays both Hawaiian Slack Key and lap steel guitar and switches easily between them during his performance, laying his guitar on his lap and picking up a steel bar for an instrumental interlude. This requires a special finesse and light touch because the slack key guitar has lower action than a dedicated lap steel guitar.

He has developed his unique style through many musical genres. He has played his special blend of Blues/Jazz Hawaiian guitar for 40 years.. Born into a musical family, Ken grew up with his fathers’ extensive record collection of jazz, swing, Hawaiian and world music styles.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, He played the folk and blues songs of the early ‘60s, learning right hand fingerstyle techniques that led to his development as a fingerstyle picker.

With the explosion of the San Francisco sound of the mid- later ‘60’s Ken also immersed himself into rock and electric blues styles. He was particularly drawn to bottleneck and slide guitar.

In 1968 Ken’s family moved to Hawaii. Absorbing the Hawaiian culture, Ken began studying Hawaiian language and music emulating the players of the 1920’s and ‘30s era by listening to vintage Hawaiian 78 rpm records, zeroing in on the jazz and blues styles of Sol Ho’opi’i and Sol K. Bright.

Soon Ken was playing alongside such legendary performers as Gabby Pahinui, Genoa Keawe, Raymond Kane, and Moe Keale.

Dividing his time between Kaua’i and San Francisco, Ken plays many Hawaiian venues and festivals and frequently tours the east coast of the United States as well as Europe and Asia.

“Emerson writes pieces that update the classic sounds of Hawaiian Slack Key guitar. His unaccompanied songs have an open, relaxing quality to them, moving forward in a gentle rhythm..”

Jesse Terry – Rolling Stone Magazine

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103119: Hauʻoli Lā Heleuī!


Happy Halloween UFOhahahahahana!

Just want to show off Nohea’s Halloween Out Door Decorations from last night. We actually had double the number of Trick or Treaters show this year . . . 2!!!!! How’s that for spinning the postive? Anyway click the collage below for the album . . . there’s a 6 minute video tour of the Bone Yard in there too.

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On a serious note. Cindy Ross is having really bad issues with mold and mildew in her home, to the point it’s affecting her health. If anyone out there has recommendations on what to do to re-mediate the issue please contact her directly at cindyross.aud@gmail.com . Mahalo Nui Loa.

Once again, don’t forget to register for tonight’s and Saturday’s event if you want to RSVP a seat for you. Again, you don’t have to register if you’re willing to sit anywhere. Also, we’ve been getting a few RSVPs with No Shows. I’d appreciate an un-register or some kind of notice from you if you won’t be attending so we can give your seat to someone else.

Here’s the link to our events calendar (you may want to bookmark this for future reference):


When you see the calendar, click the event you wish to attend, in the window for that event click “I am attending this event” button and fill in the info with “*” next to them.

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