091520: Vanikapila Iwakālua kūmākolu (23)


I can see (almost) clearly now the smog is (almost) gone . . . I can see all obstacles in my way . . . gone are the da-a-a-rk clouds that got me down . . . it gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny Vanikapila?

Aloha UFOhana,

It’s been another weird week and . . . . well at least it’s not brown (today)
. . . I can actually see the distant Mountain/hills from our kitchen. I hope it’s better out where you are. I’m told that we can look forward to more clearing skies as the week goes on.

I want to send a big Hauoli La Hanau to our two “Birthday Keikis” celebrating their birthdays today.

Madison and Brudda Ken Emerson! Hope you folks are getting to celebrate in some way. Click below for your Birthday Wish from the UFMinions.

Below, Madison’s gifts from the UFOhana and PIKOhana. A Dean Marley Acoustic Amp, Shure Head Mic and all the cables so she can start Busking for her College Fund . . . or not?

Speaking of playing for your dinner, well actually, more like playing at your dinner.

We’re all invited to dine in and play at the Elks Magnolia Garden this Friday for their Grab-N-Go Fundraising Dinner, 6p-8p.

Joe Tato will be preparing a box dinner of Teriyaki Chicken and Kalua Pig, Salad, Rice and a Cookie for $20. Proceeds of the dinner will be used to provide food for St. Vincent de Paul’s Children’s Lunch Program.

If you want to play in the Terrace you will need to:
1. Purchase a dinner from the Elks.
2. Check in and have your temperature checked by an Elks Officer.
3. Follow Social Distancing with table sitting. You may want to bring your mask like at our Outdoor Backyard Kanikapilas.

There will be a core UFOhana Kanikapila Band in attendance as well.

If the skies continue to clear, as they have been, it should prove to be a nice night to play outside. Bring a music stand, your Gig Book, Music Light, Book Clips and maybe something warm to wear. Mahalo to Joe Tato for the invite. Hope to see you there!

The following day will be our (un)usual Saturday Vanikapila, located in Cyber Space the coordinates below.

Captain’s Log Stardate 09192020. We’ve arrived at Station Vanikapila #23. The Natives are Restless.

Below, a really nice song suggested for the UFOhana by Madison. Seems like it could be an Anthem for us all. I think we’ll give it a try this Saturday. Mahalo Madison for finding this one.


click here to download a copy of the Song Sheet.

Below, last week’s intrepid O.K.-ers that braved the Nuclear Winter fallout from Pompeii/Mt. St. Helen’s/Vesuvius/Kilauea/Eyjafjallajökull and the California Fires. Mahalo to you all for being such Stalwarts!

Click above to view the album and Madison’s Fabulous Birthday Cake!

Ok, I think that’s it for announcements and all that stuff. I’m sure someone will remind me if I forgot something. See you folks at the end.


grounded by its mass,
all that was rains down in ash,
“it’ll get colder . . .”

Malama Pono Kakou, A Hui Hou!


“It’ll get colder?* Son of @#$! Where’s the remote, I can’t stand that guy!


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