081120: Vanikapila #18 (Rev. 2)


(A correction to Red Rose Cafe was made. See below for details)

Aloha UFOhana,

Well here we are, on our way to our eighteenth Vanikapila. I hope you have all stayed safe and healthy on this journey of ours. Keep faith everyone, the path is a long one but worth the effort.

Thankfully we’re able to maintain some kind of connection be it virtual or from ten feet away . . .

Below, this Saturday’s LiveStream link.

Click above to jack into Cyber Space with Saturday.

Click below, to view the OK-ers from last Saturday.

Please text me at 415-300-7804 to RSVP a seat for the Outdoor Kanikapila. Space is limited so text me sooner than later.

Again, from Nohea an myself, Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that help keep the strumming alive at the UFOHQ and studio K’ULU. Thanks to your kokua (assistance) you make it all worthwhile and setup and tear down as easy as possible. You leave nothing but happy echoes and good memories.

I mentioned last week that we’d be trying a new song, Na Vaqueros (by Kuana Torres Kahele), this Saturday. A beautiful Hapa Sepania (Spanish) Mele to which some of the girls know a beautiful hula. Click here to download the song sheet and give the tune a listen. I understand that Kuana even won a 2012 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for song of the year for Na Vaqueros.

A couple weeks ago David had request The Red Rose Cafe (by the Fureys) during one of our Vanikapilas. I had mentioned that I’d check into it next time around, as none of us in the studio knew the tune. I looked it up on YouTube and found it to be very reminiscent of Billy Joel’s Piano Man. Though from different parts of the world. It’s a nice “working class” tune that is very appealing, as most waltzes are. Click here to give it a listen and maybe we’ll try it this week as well (note this is a more current version with all the lyrics). Btw, after listening to I just noticed that the song sheet for Red Rose Cafe is not quite right. I’ve made the corrections based on their performance on YouTube link above. You can download the corrected version of Red Rose Cafe here.


as day turns to dusk,
we give, we take and we wait,
symmetry of life.

Ok, you’ve got your two song home work. Practice them when you can. See you in Cyberspace!

Aloha A hui hou!


Does this Fur make me look fat?


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