031315: We’re at ufoHQ tOnight!


Aloha All,
We’ll be celebrating our 15th year of Friday Night Kanikapila tonight at UFOHQ (email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws for an address if needed). Runtime is from 7PM until the last Pilot Stops Strumming. BYOPotLuck (aka Kaukau) something yummy and healthy (but desserts are also very welcome), BYOMusicStands, BYOFoldingChair (just in case we don’t have enough) and BYAlohaNuiLoa to share with everyone!

I’ve been working on compiling 15 years of UFOhana Images so I won’t post any here today. If you want a copy of the 5000+ images let me know and I’ll burn a DVD for you.

Ok I gotta get back to the Images . . .

Endless memories,
An eternal beginning,
Reaching for the Light.



030512: Campbell hall Kanikapila this Friday

Aloha everyone,

It’s that time of the (new) month so we’re at the (click following link for directions) Campbell Hall for our Kanikapila this Friday (03/06/15). Run time 6:30p – 9:30p. BYOPOTLUCK (something healthy and yummy to share), BYOGear (music stands and lights) and BYAloha! Mahalo Nui to Rev. Chip and Linda Lee for hosting us once again in your beautiful hall. Like a wa’a from Heaven.

Next Friday (3/13/15), will mark the 15th year of Friday Night Kanikapila for the UFOhana. We’re asking that everyone wear something Aloha, festive, to honor our 15th, and Green and White to honor St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll be holding the event at UFO HQ, where it all started 15 years ago. If need instructions email me at: kaleikoa@piko.ws . Run time is 7pm – Wheneva,  BYKaukau/Pot Luck, should be ok on chairs, but you might need music stands and lots of Aloha to share with everyone.

This Sunday (030815), 10a-12p, at UFOHQ, per popular request, I will be holding a Basic Ukulele and Hawaiian Style Strumming workshop. We’ll be going over (almost) everything you need to know to start you down the “Ukulele Way”. We’ll also go over the Hawaiian Style Double Strum and “Moloka’I” Strum (aka Double Up Strum), introduction to the triple strum and time permitting, topics from the Ukulele  Pilots in Training.  Cost is $25 (cash preferred, checks are OK, includes a Manual), email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws if you’re interested.

Last Friday was the biggest In A Canoe Hula Jam Eva! Click the collage below for the album. There’s even a short video at the very end of the Album. Sorry about picture quality, I only had my phone camera with me . . .


Next day was a capacity crowd at the Plaza Bistro in Sonoma  . . .  Mahalo Betty and (Sonoma) Kimo for setting this one up . . . it was a really magical day, “In Hawaii we’re blessed by a light shower . . . in Sonoma we were blessed by Hail!”. Very Cool! Mahalo Mary, Wikio, BadPoi, Kimo, Gary for helping out with the Mele, you guys Pohaku Nui Loa! Click below for images of event and “What the Hail!”


Mahalo to Ted, Lynette, Kimo, Elaine and Mike for keeping the strumming going last Friday at Wahine Moe Moe! Nice to know we have Senior Pilots out there keeping the UFOhana Squadron Flying . . . .

Then as if we weren’t ‘blessed’ enough by the Sonoma Hail, we actually got to participate in the He’e Nalu Canoe Blessing this past Sunday. Beautifully done by Kumu Lynn Roth who is also a Local Kumu Hula from the Island of Greenbrae. Please keep her in mind of you’re interested in exploring the Hula Universe . . .  click below for album . . .


Softness in Oli,
But a strength in the message,
A Wa’a is blessed.

Ok, I’m toast for now.
Mahalo Nui Loa Nohea for always being by my and side . . .