040815: We’re at the elks this friday . . .


Good Evening UFOhana,
I hope you all had a Happy Easter and a (Happy) Passover. Hard to believe, but it’s already the second Friday of April! Which means we’re at the Elks this Friday. So we’ll see you there at our usual run time of 7pm to 10pm. I’m sure the Elks will be cooking up their usual delicious meal for a nominal fee.

Mahalo Nui Loa, once again, to all of you for sharing your Mele, Aloha, Ono-licious Foods and your Kokua (help)  with KP duty at last Friday’s Kanikapila . . .  (click collages for photo albums) . . .

1-040315 UFOHQ Kanikapila

We had a pretty full house at the Sleeping Lady the next day . . . complete with a new Conch Shell blower (Mark, who else?  He can be seen in the Photo Album, click collage below). We were even treated to a Hula for Waimanalo Blues!

Btw, on the 25th we will holding another Kanikapila in Sonoma (no worries there will be a flight crew at SL too), But instead of the Bistro it will be held at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, located not too far from our previous venue. Here’s a link to their site  http://sonomavalleywomansclub.org/index.php .  This one looks very promising, all they ask is that we donate tips to The Club to help defray costs. Mahalo to Betty Ann and Crew for finding and arranging this one. Same run time as usual, 2p – 4p, keep in mind that this is not a restaurant you may want to Lunch before coming and BYOBeverage, BYOMusicStands. I think there may be enough chairs but remember Murphy’s 5th Law, “Bring it so you won’t need it.”

1-040415 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

And as if we weren’t having enough fun, Tuesday Night we were lucky enough to have band practice with Hula Mai . . .

1-040715 Hula Mai Practice

Which puts us just over the hump, sliding into another Friday!

Invisible strings,
Connects the hearts of many,
Such is Aloha.

Malama Pono kakou,


033115: We’re at UFOhq this friday. . .


Aloha Ahi Ahi Pau Apau!

Reverend Chip and his ‘Ohana will be busy setting up the Campbell Hall is busy for Easter this weekend so we’re diverting all incoming flight to the UFO HQ for this Friday. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need directions to the HQ.

Runtime is from 7:30PM till the last Strummer Drops! BYPotLuck (something yummy and healthy, well ok, maybe not too healthy), BYOChairs (just incase we run out), BYOMusicStands (we only have a few on hand),  BYO . . . well, in general remember Murphy’s 5th Law, “Bring It So You Won’t Need It”, especially your own Ukulele!

Speaking of Chairs, I heard about an ‘exchange’ that went on regarding ‘ownership’ of chairs during our meal break at the last UFOHQ Friday.  I want to make it clear that during our meal break no one really ‘owns’ a chair. Everyone should consider Kaukau Time as an opportunity to socialize and as such, a time to sit with whomever you wish and get caught up with your ‘Ohana.  Which could mean sitting next to someone in ‘’”someone else’s chair”. I’ve noticed that in general most of you are all milling about any way and that there are many empty chairs about.  Which is great, the last thing we need to have bad feelings over who sitting in what chair. In general all we ask is to be good to (malama pono) each other. Of course once our Kanikapila Starts up again, then ‘ownership’ of that chair reverts back to who ever was playing there first . . . . .  that’s how it’s been for the last 15 years.  Mahalo All for your understanding . . .  ‘Nuf said about chairs then.

I’d also like to say on behalf of Nohea (Linda) and myself, Mahalo Nui Loa for your Generous Contributions to the UFOhana Fund (aka the Yellow Tip Bucket) and for those of you who help with the KP (Kitchen Patrol) Duty. It’s a really big help for Nohea and myself to be able to get to bed before 12 so we can start ‘recharging’ for Wahine Moe Moe the next day.  Not to mention helping with the ‘operating’ costs.

We are so blessed to have such a caring ‘Ohana and to think we’re only 15 years into our group’s Krazy Kanikapila! Speaking of which, check out this very cool video from Wikio (aka Wally),  UFOhana 15 Years of Strumming . Wikio did some amazing work on this, not to mention spending hours of his time making the Pupule Pilot (aka UFOSqL) actually sound sane. Wikio  is truly a Kumu Videographer, a master in the craft of making talking stories . . . Mahalo Nui Loa Wikio!

Here are the images from last week’s activities. Click the images below to access the photo albums.

Below: Friday we witnessed the installation of the new Elk Officers . . . congrats to Brudda Stuart on his election of Exalted Ruler.


Then it was Kanikapila time at the Elks Bar . . .


After a fun night it was onward to a funner Saturday at Sleeping Lady . . . complete with harmonica players and Conch Shell blowers!


That following Tuesday we were invited to a Kanikapila at the East Bay Coffee Company for a Hawaiian Night . . .  Mahalo Debbie and Jon Cyr for inviting us . . . H.U.L.A. (Hilltop Ukulele Lovers Academy), their Ukulele Ohana welcomed us with open, uh, strums? You guys are the Bestest!


Just how much fun can an Ukulele Ohana have?   Well I guess that’s enough for now, see you folks this Friday and beyond . . .

Btw, we’ve been invited, once again, this year to perform at the County Fair on July 5th. Stay tuned for more details!

Small eager young hands,
Guided by a memory,
Playing ancient songs.

Malama Pono All,