061515: Kanikapila @ UFOHQ this Friday . . .


Aloha UFOhana,
Hope you’re all have a great week so far. We’re schedule to land at UFOHQ this Friday for our weekly Friday Night Kanikapila. Run time is 7:30p – Till 10pm. BYPotLuck, BYOChair (just in case we run out), BYOMusic Stand (just in case we run out) and BYAloha to share with everyone. On another note, Linda (aka Nohea), is requesting that you bring a river rock (or two, or three) to place underneath our Electric Palm Tree (see photo below), note the smooooooth rocks. Mahalo.


This Saturday Sandy and I will be to performing at the following fabulous (and FREE) event,  put on by Betty Ann Bruno and her Halau, Hula Mai . . .

clip_image002.jpg (543×707)

Which means No Saturday Kanikapila until June 27th, where we’re meeting at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2p – 4p. Until then we hope to see you folks at Hula in the Plaza! Mahalo Nui to Betty Ann for allowing us to participate in this wonderful event.

ALSO, we’re moving our June 26th Fancy Dinner Night Kanikapila to Saturday the 27th. It’s a kind of an important night honoring Joe Tato, who’s been elected State VP for our Elk’s District, at an Elks event called a “Homecoming”. Joe has been traveling to other Elks Lodges, performing audits,  throughout the US. The 27th marks the end of his trips, hence the “Homecoming”. I understand that there will be visiting Elks dignitaries that night.  Social Hour starts at 5pm (spam musubi pupus). Dinner at 6pm, menu as follows:
Appetizers to Start. Main course: Huli Huli Chicken or Red Snapper, Shoyu Butter Shiitake Sauce. Cost $15. Please RSVP as soon as possible with secretary@elks1108.org for dinner. Joe is also asking that I get a head count even if you won’t be having dinner. He want’s to make sure there are enough tables put out  to accommodate all of us. Please email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws or leave a comment on the blog if you will be attending.  Mahalo Nui Loa to the San Rafael Elks for allowing us to participate in this important Elks event and congratulations to Joe Tato on his election and achievements.

Here are the images from last Fridays Kanikapila at the Elks . . . click the collages to access the photo album . . .

As if that wasn’t enough fun, an UFO Away Team beamed down to the Redwood Stage on Planet Fairfax to bring Ukulele, Mele, Hula and Aloha to the Fairfaxians. Based on the images below I’d say, “Mission Accomplished”. Mahalo Nui Loa to all that participated, braving the “challenging parking” and made this such a fun event. Even one of our keiki, Andrew, participated. Making it all the more special. Such an honor to strum with you all!

1-2015-06-13 Fairfax Festival

Ancient giants stand,
Sheltering the ‘Ohana,
Diamonds of sunlight.

K’Den, see you folks Friday! Don’t forget to RSVP for the 27th!

Aloha A Hui Hou,
“Help! I’ve Fallen & I can’t get up!”




Aloha All,

We’ll be at the San Rafael Elks Lodge this Friday our for our usual second Friday Kanikapila the the Best Elks Lodge in the County! Dinner will be served for a nominal fee with a usual run time of 7pm –10pm. Mahalo once again to our Elkders for their continued support and generosity. In fact many of our UFOhana are now Elks themselves. If you haven’t already you may want to approach Joe, Stewart, Tad, Charlotte, Sandy, Lopaka, or myself (to start) to inquire about joining the Elks.

This past Friday Rev. Chip and Linda Lee hosted us at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito. Check it out below (click collages for albums). Mahalo to Brudda John for provide the ‘heart beat’ that night.

1-060515 Campbell Hall Kanikapila

Saturday was our first kanikapila at Pancho Villa’s . . . Mahalo to Sherri who drove all the way down from Santa Rosa to provide Bass support and of course Mahalo Nui Loa to Kelly Day Medina for hosting us this past Saturday at her establishment, Pancho Villa’s. The food, drink and her wait staff was fabulous. I understand that overall we were well received except for the parking issue. Kelly had asked that we don’t use her parking lot because of the length of time we’re there and yet some did not honor her request. I heard that some of the staff observed that the public was being drawn in by our music but had no place to park and left, lost revenue . . .  please help out Pancho Villa’s business by refraining  from parking in her lot during Kanikapila. There’s parking lot about a block away (towards San Anselmo) that’s open during the weekends and always some spaces along Sir Francis Drake. Please do not park in the immediate neighborhood or in the Good Earth lot either (I hear they may tow). We all want to be good neighbors to the Fairfaxians. As members of the UFOhana we should remember we’re suppose to bring Aloha, not stress, to our hosts and their neighbors. Mahalo for your Kokua.

1-060615 Pancho Villa's Kanikapila

Unfortunately, we won’t be at Pancho’s this Saturday, June 13th. We’ll be performing at the Fairfax Fair Redwood Stage: http://www.fairfaxfestival.com/music/ . 12p – 1:30p. Please be there by 11am for setup so we’ll be ready to go at 12 noon. Remember that parking can be a challenge there so do factor that in. BYOGear . . . consider Murphy’s 5th law, “Bring it So You Won’t Need It!”

UFOhana Member Support Alert . . . I just heard that very own Leslie Freed, of Bogie’s Café and long time UFOhana Pilot, will be performing (a sort of recital for her music study group/workshop) at the Hop Monk Tavern in Novato this Monday (06/08/15) at 8:30PM. Among many of Leslie’s talents, along with Hula, Ukulele, Acting, Singing, and god knows how many more, is playing the Bass! Which she will be playing at the HMT that night.  I’ll be attending the performance, I’ll probably have a late dinner there must before, say 7:30p or so. Anybody want to join me? Please come by if you can and lend your support to our very own Wahine Bass Commander, Leslie Freed.

Saturday, June 20th, we’ll be away (i.e. no Pancho Villa’s) performing for Betty Ann Bruno and her Halau, at Hula Mai’s Ho’ike. We hope some you’ll all be able to make this one. Sandy, Mary, Wally and Myself will be Halau Band for that day and IT’S FREE! A generous gift from Betty Ann and her Halau to their Sonoma ‘Ohana.


. . . and speaking of Sonoma, that following Saturday, the 27th, we’ll be at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club. 2 to 4 PM. We hope to be back at Pancho Villa’s on July 4th. So stay tuned.

Btw, we’ve been asked to perform at the County Fair once again this year. July 5th 2:30p-3:00p at the 3 Twins Solar Stage (formerly the Ben and Jerry Stage). Please send me an email at kaleikoa@piko.ws if you will be participating. There’s a limit on the tickets so get your RSVPs in ASAP! 1st to RSVP = 1st to Get Tickets. Mahalo to Marion, Charlie Barboni and the Civic Center Department of Cultural Arts and Visitor Services for hosting us!

Oh, did I mention that Lynnette has about 40 of her Keiki performing on July 1st 3:30p – 4:00p, at the 3 Twins Stage? I’ll be there assisting her Lynnwood Elementary Ukulele Academy in her absence.  You may want to drop by just to be amazed by the talent she’s fostered from her Keiki. It’s very inspiring to see 40 4th and 5th graders sharing the same love of the Ukulele as we do. If only we had someone like Lynnette when we were in elementary school!

Talk about a busy month huh? If there was only some way we could all make a decent living at all this fun . . . . .  nah, then it wouldn’t be fun . . . . right?

Keeping steady beats,
Shadows play across the floor,
Hula moves through time.

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Change the Channel Jake!