070715: liko martin aLERT!


Aloha UFOhana,
Just a reminder of the Liko Martin event I mention at our Kanikapila last week. See below for details:
Moon LIKO Poster -01

Btw,  we’re at the Elks this Friday. Usual run time of 7-10pm. Dinner available from the Elks for $12. More details later . . . See you there!



070115: UFOs Invade The County Fair!


Attention All UFOhana Pilots!
2015 Song Book Cover

Mahalo to Wally for the great poster!

Just a reminder about this Sunday. I’m working on a Flight Manual for the event so you won’t need your Flight Manuals.  Do bring music stands if you got them. Keep in mind, that because of our number (50 Pilots This Year!) I recommend at least 2 players to a music stand. Bring wind clips for your flight manual. We’ll probably need to do 3 rows of pilots too. I was looking at past years photos and thinking, I’d like the taller pilots in the back so that the shorter ones will be visible in the photos this year. Tall Pilots, please Malama Pono our vertically challenged Pilots!

Also, I’d like to have  few volunteers to play among the audience, what I call our Sleeper Cell Pilots. Cindy R. has volunteered and if anyone else is willing please let me know. We did this last year and it seemed to work pretty nicely with the audience. They appeared pleasantly surprised. Please do encourage your friends in the audience to bring their Ukuleles if they have them. I’ll print a few extra books for the audience.

The set list is nothing you don’t already know. Mostly Hula because we are lucky  to have so many dancers this year, Betty Ann Bruno’s Hula Mai will be flying in from Sonoma, Aunty Ku’uipo (our 96 year old Hula Dancer) from San Diego, Susan Rogin, Charlotte and her Hula Hui. We’re doing a 30 minute set this year, little shorter than last, so I don’t know if we’ll have enough time for all the dancers but we’ll do our best. Songs are Jam Da Island, Koke’e, Lovely Hula Hands (slower for Aunty Ku’uipo), Buckets of Rain, Pretty Red Hibiscus, Ka’ Uluwehi, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Pretty Much in that order (remember this is always subject to change).

Once again, play time is only 30 minutes this year so we’ll need to SETUP VERY QUICKLY to maximize our Strum Time. The sooner we get setup the sooner we play. I played with the Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy yesterday (see photos below). They were allotted a 30 minute time slot, but because of the Talent Show running 30 minutes over,  we were chopped down to 20 minutes and that included setup time! We were lucky to get 3 songs in, but in spite of this they had a great time. Lynnette has created something very special with her keiki . . .

So to speed things up I’d recommend setting up your music stand before you go on stage, clip your flight manuals on the music stand, tune your ukulele before you get on stage, pack everything you don’t need in your gear bags (before you get on stage), put your bags against the back wall and line up in the rows according to height. Front row is reserved for the Senior Flight Crew (Rick, Sandy, Joe, Elaine, Mike,  Kimo, Tucker, Barb, Susan. . . i.e. the usual suspects).

We are bringing the admission tickets to Friday and Saturday Kanikapilas, if you can’t make those pickup times call Linda at 415-870-9969, or email me, to arrange for pickup. Also, if you cannot make the event and have rsvp’d for a ticket please let me know ASAP so I can pass the ticket on. We do have a pretty long Wait List as there were just too many of us to get tickets for everyone. Please be sure to express your Mahalos to Marion Boyd, Deputy Director of the Marin Cultural and Visitor Services(also a long standing UFOhana Member) and her crew for making this possible for us once again.

Btw, please dress Hawaiian

Below, photos from the Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy performance (40 Jr, Ukulele Pilots). That’s their Principal Mr. V in the blue cap . . .







That should do it for now. Please email or phone or text or post to the blog if you have any questions.

Aloha  A Hui Hou,